[R2R-OR] Q & A: Do you have any overall advice or particular information you are looking for?

Katie Anderson katie.anderson at state.or.us
Fri Jul 24 08:19:29 PDT 2015

A librarian who is filling out a Ready to Read application for the first time asked a question I think many of you may have because so many of you are also new to Ready to Read this year-welcome:)

Q: Do you have any overall advice or particular information you are looking for?


*         Read and follow the directions, but don't over think what you write because if I find a problem or don't understand something in your application when I review it, I'll just call or email to get clarification. If you change your mind about how you want to use the funds you can call or email me at anytime to request a change to your grant-it is really easy and painless!

*        You don't need to include a lot of details because they'll probably change between now and when you implement your program anyway. Just provide enough information so that I have a general idea what you're planning and I can see how it should help you achieve the outcomes. E.g. We plan to create some early literacy kits with books, educational toys, and other developmentally appropriate content that parents and childcare providers can check-out to use with their children. Kits will include early literacy information and tips for caregivers.

*         Make sure the items listed in your budget reflect your activities and vice-versa, and don't forget to include staff time-a person's time is worth money even if they are volunteering! Look at the budget in the attached sample. A bad example: A library listed a projector in their budget and their application just said they were going to do storytimes. Why do they need a projector for storytime? That's not a typical item for storytime and it's expensive so maybe they're trying to sneak it in because they really need one for the library. I called and they explained they plan to project song/rhyme lyrics so parents can sing along during storytime, they what to encourage family engagement and participation-totally legit, but they should have described that in their application.

*         Think and write in terms of the children and families, not the library. Of course you want to increase program attendance, circulation, and the number of library cards for the library-that's a given. But what's in it for the children and families? Why are you doing these things for them? Why should the children and families participate in your grant-funded activities? How will they benefit?

Please let me know if you have any more questions.

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