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This Week's Tech-Talk:  MEDIA
1. VIDEO ... Speed Up and Slow Down Videos
2. ARTICLE ... Speed Up and Slow Down Videos
3. COMMUNICATING ... "Make It Easy For You"

NOTE: To view the VIDEO, click here<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001xBYF4stoISyT8dFNf8aGWQpuGw4BdM6nSCPSSgsP6hhmfbt7Kf9qse8eOSk8E5boVmnfRNw2y0i3l1lqTxbeFO9w2R6LPWu5YXZIkkI6MSz97mO55pzSuZNheVZs2kyAfLX9MsuMVVqD0m13QCLfKWC5whU5xasQa2_XGUku1u6ao6CXfajsHh72g6_CCSsB-3V9eqnE-jHphfAoY3D_PiX0VO5Ltds9&c=8n7Q5HAzMyWR4a-SK3qduq3tHGk0M2ULco6zmSoMFcxZXeDUAyAs4w==&ch=RWWlZVjHhsZXaz7n-ZWj5hG1dL1LB5xsUGULuXaARf6rhMlsQQ5MLw==>. Enter the User Name and Password!

Tech-Talk: MEDIA - Speed Up & Slow Down Videos

Do you ever listen to audio, or watch videos, where the speaker t-a-l-k-s... s-o... s-l-o-w-l-y?

[video speed]Maybe you want to fast-forward a bit, but not want to miss anything. You might like to scan through a recording to find a part you want to hear again, but there is no "fast-forward" capability.

On the other hand, you may be watching a step-by-step video and want to SLOW down the speed so that you can keep up.

Did you know you can adjust the playback speed... and still be able to listen and follow the speaker? This doesn't mean you'll hear a garbled "chipmunk-like" pitch. The speaker talks a bit faster (or slower), but is still understandable.

There are lots of free video tutorials, motivational recordings, and learning opportunities out there, and you only have so much time. If you increase the playback speed a bit, you'll be using your time more productively.

For example, if you want to watch/listen to a 30 minute video, just by increasing the playback speed to 1.25, you can shorten the total time by 10 minutes!

Sure, there is software out there that you can purchase to accomplish this. But many of the video platforms you're already using have this feature built right in!

The two that we are showing you here are: YouTube and Windows Media Player


This king of video platforms currently uses an HTML5 player that has an easy-to-use video playback speed option. To make a change:

  *   In the lower toolbar, click on the Settings icon (gear).

  *   Choose Speed, and select your preferred playback speed.
[YouTube playback]

[playback speed]

Windows Media Player

If you have videos saved to your computer ... and use the default Windows Media Player:

  *   Open your video in Windows Media Player.
  *   Right-click on top of the video to open the menu.

  *   Choose Enhancement and select Play speed settings.

  *   Adjust the slider bar to your desired playback speed.

[play speed settings]

Other Video Platforms

In other video player platforms look for an opportunity to change the video playback speed under Options.

For example, in Tech-Talk.com we host our videos at Screencast.com.  When you're watching these (each week and in the archives) you can adjust the speed by doing the following:

  *   Click on the Settings (gear icon) and select Playback Speed.
  *   Change from normal to something faster (or slower).

NOTE: Not all video services have this option. For example, at this time, the popular Vimeo platform does not allow for changing the playback speed on their hosted videos.

[communication]Communicating:  Talking / Writing
Make it easy for you
Here's a phrase (a concept, or approach) that may, at first blush, seem a bit "over the top".  I can tell you, however, it works.

It's "I want to make it easy for you."  It can be a variation of this idea as well.

Using this phrase creates an atmosphere of congeniality, friendliness and support.  It takes away any feeling that you are trying to rush someone ... yet it gives you a better chance of getting what you need.
Imagine this scenario:
You are working on a project and you'd like a report, data or an image from someone in another department.  You can't move forward without it.  You know this person is very busy, and you don't want to sound pushy.

You can, however, find a way to introduce the concept that you want to make it easy for them.  Now the reality is that you probably can't do a thing for them on this, BUT just saying this generous idea creates a willingness in the other party.


  *   "Just let me know how to proceed because we want to make it easy for you."

  *   "My job is to make your job easier, so I'll keep checking in every so often as you suggested."

  *   "However you want to proceed is fine ... I want to make it easy for you."


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