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[In the cloud]<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001psPXtfByAyRpN-tuRmIq-Y6Eo3yGlvOSjmzfIEkzrX_QZ-gY8bvqDJNZ-aWkWaphbQ7iO_P_E40GByXa783mcXv_Gse4TIKPUTtTG6MjrmjX8XA0zpnEIMdvfNByjpM3M6da2ngO7MVCI3RnphZNDDvHEQZI85j7eES5nasez99yf4J4mpnZ1NdcTepCX0Zt&c=oB00PCALXN2CPolgI6BTwreaWYAQ2mcsId50mj2PBdm3dGEaOi195g==&ch=qHkd9zh4dNrEFn2GDAeac5PEsgsXz_lNdyENQUFj6hs1JPxP2umppA==>

 This Week's Tech-Talk: INTERNET

1. VIDEO ... It's in the Cloud!
2. ARTICLE ... It's in the Cloud!
3. COMMUNICATING ... Release the emotional charge

NOTE: To view the VIDEO, click here.<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001psPXtfByAyRpN-tuRmIq-Y6Eo3yGlvOSjmzfIEkzrX_QZ-gY8bvqDJNZ-aWkWaphbQ7iO_P_E40GByXa783mcXv_Gse4TIKPUTtTG6MjrmjX8XA0zpnEIMdvfNByjpM3M6da2ngO7MVCI3RnphZNDDvHEQZI85j7eES5nasez99yf4J4mpnZ1NdcTepCX0Zt&c=oB00PCALXN2CPolgI6BTwreaWYAQ2mcsId50mj2PBdm3dGEaOi195g==&ch=qHkd9zh4dNrEFn2GDAeac5PEsgsXz_lNdyENQUFj6hs1JPxP2umppA==> Enter the Username and Password!

Tech-Talk: INTERNET - It's in the Cloud!

[In the cloud]

In the cloud, in the cloud, everything is in the cloud!

That’s the mantra that the big computer/software companies want us to do.

Microsoft, Google and Apple have been shifting technology for years from being computer-based ... to cloud-based.

What does this mean? It's moving from software that resided on YOUR computer, documents saved to YOUR hard drive and email that lived in folders in a program like Outlook on YOUR desktop... to be saved in a "cloud" platform. Does this sound familiar?

Because Internet availability is so pervasive, everything is moving to the cloud.

This can be confusing because there are so many different types of tools and platforms. This article will give you a look at the BIG picture. It will show you how the three major cloud players (Google, Microsoft and Apple) are moving to combine all their entities under one umbrella ... and what that means to you. You'll be better prepared to integrate these three worlds to your advantage.

For example, I took a picture on my iPhone (Apple) and used Gmail (Google) to send it to myself… and opened it on my computer to add to a Word document to save on OneDrive (Microsoft). Oh my, how these tools are intertwined!

The Three Worlds

When you think about the platforms you use in the three most prevalent "worlds" we work in (Microsoft, Apple and Google) it's important to understand...

·     ...how these worlds and their apps are connected. It opens doors to all kinds of fun stuff like talking on your phone and having the notes show up in print on your tablet.

·     ...that how you login and what passwords you use is becoming a "one size fits all" for that ONE world. For instance, now you use the same "ACCOUNT info" (login and password) whether you're signing in to Google's: YouTube, Gmail, or Google Docs.

·     ...separating your personal and business accounts in these cloud based worlds can be tricky. Many folks now, if only because they have both personal and work ACCOUNTS, have to log out of one account and log into another. For instance, you may have a personal Gmail account and your organization uses Google Apps (it looks and works just like Gmail). You can only be logged into one account in the same browser at a time. TIP: However, you CAN be logged into both simultaneously if you use two different browsers, like Google Chrome for your work email and Firefox for your personal.

There are certainly HUGE benefits to working "in the cloud."

[Cloud computing]

·     You can work from any computer and access your email and files.

·     Backups are done for you – no more losing important documents or email if a computer crashes.

·     You're always working in the most current version of the program. No more keeping up with the new desktop software versions.

Cloud Platform Comparisons

Okay, so you understand what cloud computing is (web-based vs. desktop software) and some of the benefits. However, all of the options, platforms and apps may be dancing around in your head.

So we created a "cheat sheet" to help you understand the applications in the three largest platforms as well as independent tools that are very popular.

Click on this link<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001psPXtfByAyRpN-tuRmIq-Y6Eo3yGlvOSjmzfIEkzrX_QZ-gY8bvqDJNZ-aWkWaphuhwW-xCLF1SRIRtQ9i6rb26SJBWY_fH6Bbpvgzfu7Kb3Mdm8_vJ7YBRrbbYjh2rF2cgI6jbr6VRAGHpcBI1RZOZnJcH2uk7u8K1XAwH4-NMVDKA6VVG3Gk-60TEa-LHAgKU3XD9R2bAvrHhwErI6xAySBc9udKNRe1JD8AsbtaE=&c=oB00PCALXN2CPolgI6BTwreaWYAQ2mcsId50mj2PBdm3dGEaOi195g==&ch=qHkd9zh4dNrEFn2GDAeac5PEsgsXz_lNdyENQUFj6hs1JPxP2umppA==>, or the image below for a full, printable view (there's just not enough space in this narrow email to give you the full picture!) You can also save this chart as a PDF for future reference.

[Cloud guide]<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001psPXtfByAyRpN-tuRmIq-Y6Eo3yGlvOSjmzfIEkzrX_QZ-gY8bvqDJNZ-aWkWaphuhwW-xCLF1SRIRtQ9i6rb26SJBWY_fH6Bbpvgzfu7Kb3Mdm8_vJ7YBRrbbYjh2rF2cgI6jbr6VRAGHpcBI1RZOZnJcH2uk7u8K1XAwH4-NMVDKA6VVG3Gk-60TEa-LHAgKU3XD9R2bAvrHhwErI6xAySBc9udKNRe1JD8AsbtaE=&c=oB00PCALXN2CPolgI6BTwreaWYAQ2mcsId50mj2PBdm3dGEaOi195g==&ch=qHkd9zh4dNrEFn2GDAeac5PEsgsXz_lNdyENQUFj6hs1JPxP2umppA==>


Communications: Resolving Conflict
Release the emotional charge first

You're in a team meeting. Kevin makes a suggestion. Sally responds with something she thinks is funny, cute or helpful. Kevin doesn't take it that way. The meeting ends. Kevin leaves feeling upset.

How often has that happened to you?

You can explain your actions, but chances are they won't be heard ... unless you make sure the emotions are discharged first.

Even though there had been no ill intent on Sally's part, her reasons will fall on deaf ears until she recognizes and respects Kevin's feelings. (Yes, even if she thinks they don't make sense.)

Let the offended person vent first. Follow that with... a statement that shows you heard what was said, or the feelings that were expressed - without adding any justification or explanation!


"I am sorry that you felt embarrassed and hurt. It was never my intention."
"I realize now that you felt insulted. That never feels good."
"You're eager to help and you felt your opinions were being ignored."

Then you can move on. Once you've dissolved the ill feelings that were generated, you can talk about the facts behind the issue.


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