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[Screenshot Options]<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001LA_nSMER3WWSMycuD7JK891-u6SKme2AbSkehm4eRkaH26MVs6OblNraBoQftoiATj7y-m2l694Y3DBZH3_Doh_1LREnuoBkfxRK0HnszsJcAeFmQJ0nGEMnDwQYLw-lbAb-G1HcSux-9ZD2M9ouVftiKSUxlIcM3t43P3FTcV8Qf81EQzHeqhYsqgv0hJh3vJMXuKovWlE=&c=0s299nptkTm1McES6HZIWMyma-dolEO19XiilmFqHin591OsaToyeg==&ch=fP0nzk0pdXlOiy_yuUS9aaiumXyEMSZfGHRTJ8aoUFtn5LoeiDIhWg==>

 This Week's Tech-Talk: GRAPHICS

1. VIDEO ... You've Got Screenshot Options
2. ARTICLE ... You've Got Screenshot Options
3. COMMUNICATING ... Taking ownership

NOTE: To view the VIDEO, click here.<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001LA_nSMER3WWSMycuD7JK891-u6SKme2AbSkehm4eRkaH26MVs6OblNraBoQftoiATj7y-m2l694Y3DBZH3_Doh_1LREnuoBkfxRK0HnszsJcAeFmQJ0nGEMnDwQYLw-lbAb-G1HcSux-9ZD2M9ouVftiKSUxlIcM3t43P3FTcV8Qf81EQzHeqhYsqgv0hJh3vJMXuKovWlE=&c=0s299nptkTm1McES6HZIWMyma-dolEO19XiilmFqHin591OsaToyeg==&ch=fP0nzk0pdXlOiy_yuUS9aaiumXyEMSZfGHRTJ8aoUFtn5LoeiDIhWg==> Enter the Username and Password!

Tech-Talk: GRAPHICS -- You've Got Screenshot Options

[Screenshot options]

Do you ever need to take a screenshot of something on your computer?

Maybe there's an error message you want to capture and send to your tech support. Or you may want to document a process and outline the steps. If you create images to go along with it, it's easier to show what to do.

We recently had a question from a Tech-Talk reader about screenshots.

She was trying to use the Windows 10 Snipping tool and was frustrated with the extra steps it took to capture and use an image in her document. In addition to answering her question here, we'd like to refresh you on the many different ways to take screenshots -- both on your computer and smartphones.

Your Screenshot Options

Some people need an occasional screenshot… and many need to use this function almost every day. So we're going to outline a few "built-in" ways you can take pictures of what you see on your screen (and your smartphone), as well as a powerful little piece of software.

1. The Legacy Print Screen Method

[print screen]

This technique is built-in on most computers. With the PrintScreen key you can take a picture of your whole screen and then paste it into an application.

The trick here is knowing that when you press this key ... while nothing seems to happen ... the image is, in fact, being placed on your clipboard.

·     Press the Print Screen option (it could show as PrntScrn or PrtScn) key. NOTE: On some keyboards you may need to press the Function (Fn) key as well.
·     Open the application to paste your screenshot into -- like a Word or PowerPoint doc, or the Paint program.
·     Hold down Ctrl and press the V key to paste the screenshot into the document. TIP: If you want to capture only the active window, press the Alt key while pressing the PrtScn key.
·     Now you can save the file or use the crop or edit features to customize the screenshot.

2. Windows 10 Snipping Tool

If you are running Windows 10 on your computer, you have this built-in app. The Snipping Tool accessory gives you the basic options to create, annotate and share images from your computer.

To find it, go to the Windows button in the lower left of your screen and select the Windows Accessories folder and scroll down to Snipping Tool. (Or type Snipping Tool in the search bar). When you double-click on it, the program will open. You'll have options to take different types of captures:

[snipping tool]

·     Free-form
·     Rectangular
·     Window
·     Full-screen

You can Save the image. Or, just click on the Copy option so that you can Paste it in one keystroke to your document.

To read more about how the Windows 10 Snipping tool works, read this full article<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001LA_nSMER3WWSMycuD7JK891-u6SKme2AbSkehm4eRkaH26MVs6OblNraBoQftoiAKQEwf6QGTN3GDOzYs1AadF2OCwu-ktdRJ-TbA99wT_Iqh-8oydNRJeawzkGA9waO8ptGtiuEb9xvDqnq_uDrmClYen48Iab2pJQFvTGQIgUmvnAhbeXhZw==&c=0s299nptkTm1McES6HZIWMyma-dolEO19XiilmFqHin591OsaToyeg==&ch=fP0nzk0pdXlOiy_yuUS9aaiumXyEMSZfGHRTJ8aoUFtn5LoeiDIhWg==>.

3. Screenshot Tool in Microsoft Programs

If you're using Microsoft programs such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint or Outlook 2010 (not in earlier versions), there's a little option in the Insert menu that gives you the power to:

·     Take a screenshot of any program or document that you have open on your computer.
·     Take a screen clipping of a section of any open program or document.

To Create a Screenshot:

·     You have to have whatever you are taking a picture of open (a program, website page or document) as well as your Word/Excel/PPT program.
·     Click the Insert tab and select the down arrow on the Screenshot button in the Illustrations section.
·     Thumbnail images of the programs and documents you have open on your desktop will be displayed. Click the image you would like.
·     The picture will be inserted instantly into your document. You can use the image formatting tools to crop, resize, add borders, etc…

[screen clipping]

View the full article on the Microsoft Screenshot tool in this Tech-Talk.com article, https://www.tech-talk.com/word-screenshot-tool.html<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001LA_nSMER3WWSMycuD7JK891-u6SKme2AbSkehm4eRkaH26MVs6OblNraBoQftoiAoJPqapb2oQ3B31ojDXfHDY0xYovrp5DC2UegxU3wDNCfFWe7hcv9hQgaVKVdaF0IJmiz0wAv95cRDupaiGuci_-Ol0Lg_3a74qTdwLxTIwuJViT8d7T5jQ==&c=0s299nptkTm1McES6HZIWMyma-dolEO19XiilmFqHin591OsaToyeg==&ch=fP0nzk0pdXlOiy_yuUS9aaiumXyEMSZfGHRTJ8aoUFtn5LoeiDIhWg==>

4. SnagIt from TechSmith.com

If you need to take screenshots on a regular basis, you may want a tool that has more options. SnagIt, made by TechSmith<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001LA_nSMER3WWSMycuD7JK891-u6SKme2AbSkehm4eRkaH26MVs6OblNraBoQftoiABthAX7WLi5j1aTyIucdTAU6fymkx_opHLfag_lvoBPSexxrBNajEiY833ac0imALiloSWuOewkvPgww7XZoPR6RX11YaTtxdoSe3mMqcPC4=&c=0s299nptkTm1McES6HZIWMyma-dolEO19XiilmFqHin591OsaToyeg==&ch=fP0nzk0pdXlOiy_yuUS9aaiumXyEMSZfGHRTJ8aoUFtn5LoeiDIhWg==>, is a powerful little piece of software that not only takes screenshots, but gives you the ability to do many types of graphics editing -- highlighting, blurring part of the image, text bubbles, and more.

SnagIt has multiple ways to capture whatever you see:


1.  Image Capture -- Copy part or all of your screen in any software application. Then you can choose to save the image in many different formats; send it to the printer; or email it.
2.  Text Capture -- You can capture the text on your screen as editable ASCII text and then save the text in a tab delimited format. This will allow you to import it into spreadsheets or database applications for instant use.
3.  Video Capture -- Record on-screen activity on your desktop. You can capture all our application action and mouse movements and save the video as an AVI file.
4.  Web Capture – Simultaneously capture all the images, audio and video from a website.
See SnagIt in action here<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001LA_nSMER3WWSMycuD7JK891-u6SKme2AbSkehm4eRkaH26MVs6OblNraBoQftoiABthAX7WLi5j1aTyIucdTAU6fymkx_opHLfag_lvoBPSexxrBNajEiY833ac0imALiloSWuOewkvPgww7XZoPR6RX11YaTtxdoSe3mMqcPC4=&c=0s299nptkTm1McES6HZIWMyma-dolEO19XiilmFqHin591OsaToyeg==&ch=fP0nzk0pdXlOiy_yuUS9aaiumXyEMSZfGHRTJ8aoUFtn5LoeiDIhWg==>… and read the full article on SnagIt, https://www.tech-talk.com/software-snagit.html<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001LA_nSMER3WWSMycuD7JK891-u6SKme2AbSkehm4eRkaH26MVs6OblNraBoQftoiAmOK2ac2fWBHGirdPoMb6yckWs5caN0qdO6VZwAlxDMa1cAktp-PcSi6SO89antE8HLHixY58hK8Z6i3ZMlfhtlteAalIe-nczDsEqbSrgP8=&c=0s299nptkTm1McES6HZIWMyma-dolEO19XiilmFqHin591OsaToyeg==&ch=fP0nzk0pdXlOiy_yuUS9aaiumXyEMSZfGHRTJ8aoUFtn5LoeiDIhWg==>

5. iPhone (or iPad)


On your Apple device, to take a screenshot:

·     Press and hold the lock button at the top (or side) of the phone.
·     Immediately press and Home button, then release the top or side button.
·     The screen should flash to indicate a screenshot was taken.
·      In iOS11 a thumbnail of your screenshot will be displayed in the lower left. Just click on it to edit, email or text.
·     Or, browse to the photo of the screenshot you just took by going to Photos, Albums and Screenshots.

6. Android Device

[android screenshot]

There are a few methods to take a screenshot based on the type of smartphone you are using.

·     Press and hold both the Volume down button and the Power button for 1 or 2 seconds.
·     Release both buttons.
·     The screen should flash. (you may also hear a shutter noise)
·     Long Press and hold the Power button for 1 or 2 seconds.
·     Tap on "Take screenshot".

To access the screenshot, either:
·     Go to the Android notifications by sliding down on the status bar at the top of the screen.
·     Expand the screenshot notification with two fingers.
·     Tap on the Share action.
·     Select the email of your choice to email the screenshot.
·     Open the Gallery application.
·     Browse to the folder Screenshot.
·     Tap on the photo of the screenshot you just took.
·     Tap the Share action in top bar and select from the choices.


Communications: Taking Ownership
What to say when you mess up

You don't ever mess up, do you? Of course we all do from time to time. The character of a person truly shines after they mess up... in how they handle it.

We all have those people in our lives who can't accept that they had a part in something going wrong. They blame it on another circumstance or person. But from time to time, we all make mistakes.

What should you do in a work situation when you "mess up"?

First, avoid "beating" yourself up. Most situations can be fixed.

As soon as possible, approach the person/people involved and take ownership. Explain briefly what happened and more importantly... what you're doing or putting in place so that it doesn't happen again.

People can be very forgiving when they see your sincerity and will most likely treat it as a learning experience.


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