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 This Week's Topic: WORD

1. VIDEO ... Page Borders, A One-Step Facelift
2. ARTICLE ... Page Borders, A One-Step Facelift
3. COMMUNICATING ... Ask for permission before making a suggestion


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Tech-Talk: WORD - Page Borders, A One-Step Facelift

Do you ever find yourself with a page that needs some type of visual uplift? Perhaps it is a flyer, a brochure or even a chart. It just looks plain and ordinary. The information was all there, but you want it to look polished, sophisticated, finished.

A border around the edge of the page will do the trick. In WORD, you can do it easily. It's like a one-step facelift. See what a simple, grey line can do for you in this Before and After example.


Creating Page Borders

Adding a border or a frame around the page is different from putting a line around text. For one thing, if you have multiple pages, you'll get a border on each and every one.

You'll also have much less control over the positioning of a border graphic; it's typically either turned on or off. You don't move the box around; just turn on the Page Border feature.

In Word 2010 and newer (2013, 2016, 365):

·     Click on the Design Tab
·     In the Page Background section, select Page Borders
·     On the Page Border tab, click on the style of border you'd like: Box (the most frequent choice)
·     Change the color and line width to suit the look you want. (We prefer grey line; 2.4 width)

[page border]

In Word 2007 and older versions:
·     Click on the Page Layout Tab
·     Under the Page Background section, select Page Borders
·     On the Page Border tab
·     Click on the style of border you'd like: Box, Shadow, 3D, or custom
·     Change the color and line width to suit the look you want.


·     If you explore the choices in Art, you'll find all kinds of graphics that can be used in creating lines.

·     In the Apply To area, you can put the border on specific pages or sections.

·     In the Preview area, click on a line (or where a line should be) to have it show or disappear. Just toggle on or off until you get the look you want.

NOTE: Typically, you set the style first, then click where you'd like the line to show. Occasionally it's the reverse: click where you want a line, then choose the style.


Communications: Talking
Ask permission before suggesting

Last week I was talking with a Tech-Talk reader about our upcoming release of a mobile app. (You will be getting it soon.)

Then he said, "I have a list of suggestions for you. I've written them down. Would you like to hear them?"

He knew that we're very proud of Tech-Talk and he didn't want us to be defensive about any ideas he may have for changes.

So, he did the best thing he could do, he asked permission to share his ideas.

When you do that, you create receptivity for hearing what you have to say.

Giving Positive (But Uncomfortable) Feedback

This technique (asking before speaking) works especially well when you need to provide constructive criticism. You could just jump in and share your opinion.

·     "You need to arrive earlier for meetings."
·     "If you changed the color of the background, the text will pop better."
·     "It takes too long to get to the content; you need to shorten the scroll."

Or, you could gain permission first.

·     "I have an idea for you. Would you like to hear it?"
·     "I have some feedback for you, may I share it with you?"

You get the idea. Once you ask permission, receptivity is elevated.


[Ask a question]<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001ZkyWC3xAl7CB8XAAY0DjxiCR_xpencWtS8WcSF-LFgUw56czHYkWDGK9XI7QPODzc5ZAL9FqYrPSb8JOoYP4WqYE7LG67HHdJF8X_BkOiZHCcPZxojmXcfLiNHw-BcuZWD5Gj5sh7dUMuLHAWOSh8vjEA_qMqGcxlv7zDI4FpZI=&c=rVhQq3QjslQlrXe7FVW4xGhcuHGolaUIDaCRrTEOJvRm_KN-yisGHQ==&ch=_rhzXvy6Hujx_53RhTt6tviSBYnYFaEgpRUzo6tyDUlcXe4XQB5oCw==>

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