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 This Week's Topic: MEDIA

1. VIDEO ... Safe Sources for Video Background Music
2. ARTICLE ... Safe Sources for Video Background Music
3. COMMUNICATING ... "How can I make you smile?"


Photo by Alireza Attari<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001ATao8YHnP-47QUdfEpC1DPPj4v6UdXVgqSIjJF8zW1AjzF69ekXZHGk4VuqGGAASv5XM5Extcln8gv_nePUlo5WJvtrLiFhAvnMcktOWNl5bqO9HboA37mLpYYERt3ivX23FmzXXRqMMeqirhzLUdhLdj_rX6nu8dHAhFaNmkB-_JzSM-wB1Z2ekn_HV8zIOxCDbwf0R5j0anj1iwCunVetjYzZqCfdDMkLd97fMORJklaSosRsfBiSHyFx62Trx2GJUkT-XAoyZYrZKyNaugg==&c=50tNaGMlqs4LRnZuvja7eEat6WrYz-Znn81EOCz-Z7rNZcPLlA9OuQ==&ch=Qv0Oroe1ONSAqsWWUQaa9HrnQyvkX2u-Yy8iNmPwPhteMi8rxTEzLQ==> on Unsplash<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001ATao8YHnP-47QUdfEpC1DPPj4v6UdXVgqSIjJF8zW1AjzF69ekXZHGk4VuqGGAASfuJxjTyPcnG511M2wKQk9Y2bC7yb7gktn_p4Cu9KddxIlVJ6TA4tsXCeZmYURJ3PCL6lfTAigrTWfigS83Yrt2sNbrg9wnd1Fbrp0YT2EzhkrHLMyxDIuoP8ohOT-utlmJr971tx6eo9foX7aAKRsTz90K4b9Rm8yx1bO4M_R8hZMctIT0251-k1shzmanXTAdxaeija8Yo=&c=50tNaGMlqs4LRnZuvja7eEat6WrYz-Znn81EOCz-Z7rNZcPLlA9OuQ==&ch=Qv0Oroe1ONSAqsWWUQaa9HrnQyvkX2u-Yy8iNmPwPhteMi8rxTEzLQ==>

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Tech-Talk: MEDIA - Safe Sources for Video Background Music


Here's Kenia (our little friend) trying to become a star on YouTube. She has this idea of making a life-story video by putting up a bunch of pictures of her at different ages in PowerPoint. She adds a small text box and animation. She chooses her transitions between slides and speaks into the computer as the slide-show plays.

We created a sample video to make sure we know the process and put it up on YouTube. You can do the same kind of thing with any images, slides and comments for such things as programs, new-hire orientations or events. (See one-minute video<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001ATao8YHnP-47QUdfEpC1DPPj4v6UdXVgqSIjJF8zW1AjzF69ekXZHGk4VuqGGAASqFj8HMIN-lztEOCemVisl3E4JI8ODiF1KHCJi9rIhapcE562aKTuk3HoMq-5wTN12vIOFy_wiAwq33FTP747Fg==&c=50tNaGMlqs4LRnZuvja7eEat6WrYz-Znn81EOCz-Z7rNZcPLlA9OuQ==&ch=Qv0Oroe1ONSAqsWWUQaa9HrnQyvkX2u-Yy8iNmPwPhteMi8rxTEzLQ==>.)

Next, she wanted to add background music. There's the problem! Where can she download something that is safe from viruses and free of copyrights? How can she find a site that doesn't have a slew of advertisements? (After-all, she doesn't want to click on a bogus link for a product instead of the music.)

We've found a few options: YouTube and SoundCloud.

YouTube Audio Library

Did you know that YouTube has music you can download and use in any of your videos? Yes, you can go to your channel's Audio Library and get soundtracks as audio backgrounds ... even sound effects! Then use them to your heart's content knowing you are legal and protected.


How to Download Background Music in YouTube

Here's what you do to get the music clips. In your YouTube Channel...
·     Go to Creator Studio
·     Click on Create (on the left side)
·     Choose Audio Library
·     Select one of the tabs at the top: "Free music" or "Sound effects."
·     You can listen to them by pressing the black triangle on the left.
·     And download tracks by clicking the downward arrow on the right.

When you've found a track you like, click the downward pointing arrow on the right to download it. Now you can use it with your video.

Royalty Free Options from SoundCloud

SoundCloud is a platform where anyone can listen to (or create) sounds and share them everywhere. There are also options to download music tracks and use them royalty-free. You just need to know where to find them -- to filter the results to discover tracks that are available for download.

Here's how...

[soundcloud search]

·     Go to https://soundcloud.com.
·     You'll be prompted to sign in. If you don't have an account, you can create a free one.
·     Start by using the Search box and enter the type of music you're looking for... guitar, upbeat jazz, instrumental -- you get the idea.

Now we need to set some filters to narrow it down.

1.  Click on Tracks in the left navigation.
2.  Under Filter Results click the To Listen to option. Then select To use commercially.
3.  Scroll through the options to see your choices. IMPORTANT: Not all tracks will have a Download link. Click the "...More" button to check and see if it has "Download" as an option.


Once you find a track you like, you should double check the copyright permission. To do that click on the thumbnail image of the track to open it up. Under the track's description it should have a Creative Commons License link. When you open that link it will outline the use permissions. They can vary, so it's good to double-check to make sure you can use (and edit) the track for your own use.

[creative commons license]

Watch a short YouTube video made by one of our editors using a SoundCloud track called "Sweet Promise" here<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001ATao8YHnP-47QUdfEpC1DPPj4v6UdXVgqSIjJF8zW1AjzF69ekXZHGk4VuqGGAAS8D5iYi3Q0Iuw8XDLVQP_7HF_eVjC7PTSpvr86ER2pV8_b8r4_TAyjE_Dz_SUmf_EMX0vhsKYgig-w7yXVQEZkg==&c=50tNaGMlqs4LRnZuvja7eEat6WrYz-Znn81EOCz-Z7rNZcPLlA9OuQ==&ch=Qv0Oroe1ONSAqsWWUQaa9HrnQyvkX2u-Yy8iNmPwPhteMi8rxTEzLQ==>.


Communications: Talking
How can I make you smile?

Sure, you've been in situations where someone is disgruntled, right?

You know the air is highly charged and you want to turn that around so that you are working together.

One thing you can do to neutralize the issue, so that you can talk politely and resolve the problem, is to let the other person know you are willing to be of service.

If you say, "How can I make you smile?" it startles the individual and makes them stop and think what it will take to satisfy him (or her). And no one can ever reject an offer like that, right?

Next time you find yourself in an uncomfortable or stressful situation, try it. Just ask, "How can I make you smile?"

By the way, we learned this technique from a car dealership's service manager. (You can imagine he finds lots of opportunities to use this phrase.) It works for him! We're sharing it with his permission and delight.


[Ask a question]<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001ATao8YHnP-47QUdfEpC1DPPj4v6UdXVgqSIjJF8zW1AjzF69ekXZHMJukWTPPg0OcBwhLlafrW4f69H8YhtoaYVSc1fzmSUHaotkGSsf_arEl8y2bCQYOtPqaH5DN11ETFL9-ZppTjNyMvQlwidEMfY7WVM0dxsb9T-3Q3ZuRLg=&c=50tNaGMlqs4LRnZuvja7eEat6WrYz-Znn81EOCz-Z7rNZcPLlA9OuQ==&ch=Qv0Oroe1ONSAqsWWUQaa9HrnQyvkX2u-Yy8iNmPwPhteMi8rxTEzLQ==>

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