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 This Week's Topic: POWERPOINT

1. VIDEO ... Use Two Different Themes in One Show
2. ARTICLE ... Use Two Different Themes in One Show
3. COMMUNICATING ... One way to use a "Parking Lot"

[use 2 themes]<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001gyGBsxDZwbGbIfLCCs6EFbJ_Ryp3fB6c5HDMszGRRgd-3J8DSxEO2Ruo1NqgiHrisOA8VAbCjamjzXxCc_uVuZbsIneFTV-HfYXNZvAGlvONeQovaJ2_IK9Oegw6ez9MgomqGo7wWrBuF2c7DBTjKzAxjAkGoklm3637zc8FFouVy9AhPvzwd8JQtR4xmPNnVjEgC0arlH3lh89kZY02jQ==&c=xgaxMBB0cyzeYFsEfWu-C9Y1QPV91NRjS-XkAeNcjB3pUYvaj30Vag==&ch=Byo2mX4VRItBdQFQ8RkZqnTU4aP5wmfH913ZRP106817XhMnfHai3A==>

Photo by Tam Nguyen<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001gyGBsxDZwbGbIfLCCs6EFbJ_Ryp3fB6c5HDMszGRRgd-3J8DSxEO2Ruo1NqgiHrirNm0v4iYrYWEIHpswf88Hhb-03phIt5Zek1OLrkGaldusCP6vBFcn0qAifU2XtLv9EvufUGhgeYr1XaDYyI56IbTqiRQajSemf20wTlqaE8aGcIKF0mltDulNAhj4LKqHPqfGz63urisQEt_FADpA1ekUoRz28byS1VSB4b2OREfm7Qqgp40TnZ4VswCfSG90aa0mbdyT7nrP0K1xy5mEA==&c=xgaxMBB0cyzeYFsEfWu-C9Y1QPV91NRjS-XkAeNcjB3pUYvaj30Vag==&ch=Byo2mX4VRItBdQFQ8RkZqnTU4aP5wmfH913ZRP106817XhMnfHai3A==> on Unsplash<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001gyGBsxDZwbGbIfLCCs6EFbJ_Ryp3fB6c5HDMszGRRgd-3J8DSxEO2Ruo1NqgiHri7f_Mxb2u9tVhYthB5H_sriIO_9DpWkXHxQqi0ImdbrLorru1xhY0YWsD4_he4NDDZzJ7m_f7S-WuI-keQXeL1AC85qA1tYBtHzUvmoaz_W9rc0uUCKFOffkeCGEa5oxZvdqsn0bRznfwDwJL-IEg4PWEyFjXuCoVmBfEqMm7tiuRwwlpZvJTaySKeW-dU3RQYN9o9BXbWaoXIHiQ14rB3kPJGDWSWhKD&c=xgaxMBB0cyzeYFsEfWu-C9Y1QPV91NRjS-XkAeNcjB3pUYvaj30Vag==&ch=Byo2mX4VRItBdQFQ8RkZqnTU4aP5wmfH913ZRP106817XhMnfHai3A==>

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Tech-Talk: PPT - Use Two Different Themes in One Show


What do you do when you have slides from two different presentations, each with a totally different design or theme ... and you want to use both of them in the same show?

I am creating a presentation with our standard Tech-Talk template, but I have a few slides that I want to use from a different PowerPoint, which has a different theme.

Of course I could import the additional slides and auto-convert them so that every design would be the same, but what if I want to keep the look of the different ones?

I could even hide the background image of the current theme and use a solid or gradient colored background, but I want the specific design elements of two different themes. (See how to hide an individual slide background in this article<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001gyGBsxDZwbGbIfLCCs6EFbJ_Ryp3fB6c5HDMszGRRgd-3J8DSxEO2Ruo1NqgiHriglFBTGGSbIPxRe5wBJQDA2L8c5LJSSR2J6lQ8wpquLko9b2UZmboKlbNyMd36OiVTz8dW9e4kCxJL1IJ7M7aYArjCwBdDoHzmHXdvYEdRRb58gryEVx3Zti0YA2XsKQq9BrPQxAn9zg=&c=xgaxMBB0cyzeYFsEfWu-C9Y1QPV91NRjS-XkAeNcjB3pUYvaj30Vag==&ch=Byo2mX4VRItBdQFQ8RkZqnTU4aP5wmfH913ZRP106817XhMnfHai3A==>).

But there IS a way that I can add additional designs/themes to use throughout my presentation. Let's look at how to do this in PowerPoint 2007 and newer.

Designs, Themes and Variants?

Before we go on, let's clarify what we mean by: Design, Theme and Variant.

Design refers to the whole menu of choices in how the slides look including the Theme and Variants. It also has Slide Size and Background Format.

Theme is the predefined combination of colors, fonts and effects that can be applied to the slides.

Variant gives you options for different color schemes within the Theme.


First, Add the Additional Theme to the Slide Master

It makes sense that you need to add the new theme to your presentation before you can apply it to a particular slide.

·     With your presentation open, go to the View tab and select Slide Master.

[add multiple themes]

·     Then select the Insert Slide Master option from the very left of the ribbon. This adds a second slide master in the thumbnail pane.

[add slide]

Now for the fun part, select a Theme to go with this additional Slide Master.

1.  With the second Slide Master selected (it should have a box around it).
2.  On the Slide Master tab of the ribbon (you should still be in this tab).
3.  Click the Themes option, and use the drop-down menu to select a theme from the list.

Now you will see the theme applied to the second set of Master Slides. NOTE: It won't be applied to any slides in your presentation until you do that manually (next steps below).

Click the Close Master View option (red box with X in it) to go back to your presentation.

[theme master]

NOTE: Although you want your presentation to be cohesive (limiting the variety of designs), it is technically possible to add three, even four Themes if the situation is applicable.

Apply A Theme / Design To One Slide

Next we can apply the new theme design we added to a new slide, or an existing one.


Apply to a New Slide

·     From the Home tab, under Slides, click the New Slide option.
·     You'll see previews of slide layouts from both themes in this presentation.
·     Select the one you'd like to use.

[apply new theme]

Apply to an Existing Slide in Your Presentation

·     Click on the slide you want to apply the alternate theme.
·     On the Home tab, in the Slides section, click on the Layout option.
·     The new theme choices will be displayed. Click the design choice you would like to use.

CAUTION: If you have previously applied any formatting to this slide, it may not display correctly with the new theme.

For example, we applied one where we had turned the background images off and made the background white. So when we applied the new theme to the existing slide, the new background did not display. In this case, we would have been better off selecting to add a new slide (as in the directions above).


Communications: Presenting
Don't Know the Answer? Put it in a "Parking Lot"

Years ago one of our writers was asked to jump in at the last minute and present a live training to a group on a topic where she didn't feel 100% prepared.

She was worried someone would ask a question and she wouldn't have the answer.
Then she was told about the "Parking Lot" technique -- which gave her the tool she needed to feel confident walking into the presentation.

What is the "Parking Lot" technique?

Let's say you're conducting a meeting or giving a presentation. Someone asks you a question… and you don't have an answer for them.

You could respond, "Great question, Sue, but I don't know the answer."

That reply could diminish your authority and may make Sue feel frustrated and not heard.

A Better Approach

Or, you could respond, "Great question, Sue. I don't know the answer off-hand, but I'm going to write it on the board (or flipchart) so we don't lose sight of it, and I'll get back to you with the answer.”

This response softens the fact that you don't have the answer and makes Sue feel like her question is important enough to take the time to follow up.

You then create a "Parking Lot" space on a flip chart or whiteboard for any questions/topics you will research and follow-up on with all of your participants. You name it a parking lot and refer to it as such.

Two Important Points

First, it's important that the "parking lot" list is visible to everyone in the room (or virtual session) rather than just writing the item down on a piece of paper. This is because seeing you write it down goes a long way in developing trust.

Second, you must follow-up on the list so that your colleagues will know you're a person of your word.

By the way, a parking lot list is also a technique that is effective in meetings when non-agenda items or questions are brought up that could take your meeting off track.


[Ask a question]<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001gyGBsxDZwbGbIfLCCs6EFbJ_Ryp3fB6c5HDMszGRRgd-3J8DSxEO2cOwgRBGsFOXJS6fOV7k4eCyi4rTYGBut28jgTodSDsbwt735NlzijB2jtlxveOV4NOKD6o_D1Nru2K5aBaBH8XycJGM_Z3BBtKlnLDHViozz9f8V07i51w=&c=xgaxMBB0cyzeYFsEfWu-C9Y1QPV91NRjS-XkAeNcjB3pUYvaj30Vag==&ch=Byo2mX4VRItBdQFQ8RkZqnTU4aP5wmfH913ZRP106817XhMnfHai3A==>

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