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 This Week's Tech-Talk: SOCIAL MEDIA

1. VIDEO ... Creating a Group in Facebook
2. ARTICLE ... Creating a Group in Facebook
3. COMMUNICATING ... Get their true feelings

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Tech-Talk: SOCIAL MEDIA - Creating a Group in Facebook

This September I'm attending an outdoor women's event and would like some ideas from other members about what to bring. So...

I posted a question in one of the Facebook Groups of which I am a member.

Within a few hours after adding the query to the Group's private page, I had 15+ members give their real-time feedback and advice to my question. It really helped me to make a decision -- and it was so cool to see the instant engagement of members from throughout the country!

[FB Group engagement]

Why a Facebook Group?

First, a Facebook group is a way to bring people together to share ideas, discuss issues, ask questions, etc.. It's a nice way to get people talking and engaging through posting text, links, videos, pictures -- all around a specific topic, common interest or purpose.

It's also a handy way to deliver training by posting documents and videos; seeking comments and interaction. If you have information to deliver or you want to create a following, you can create a group in Facebook. There is no charge and it can be private to only those you let in.

Now don't confuse Groups with Pages. A Facebook Page is essentially a business or organization's online presence within this social media entity. Groups are used for interaction ... building communities, encouraging connections and bringing people together for a shared cause.

Groups are a great way to gather specific people together around something specific. Creating one is fast, easy and free. The challenge lies in getting the people to start contributing and sharing. Once you get them involved, it becomes a vital source of information and support for everyone.

Why Would You Want to Create a Group?

As of June, 2017, Facebook has over 2 billion monthly active users, with 1 billion daily active users. People are already using this platform to connect with others -- so each time they log in, they not only see posts from their connected friends, but also posts from groups that they have joined.

Groups can be used to bring people together for a variety of things:

·     A common topic of interest... like yoga, hiking or a book club.
·     An upcoming event... e.g. a class reunion, a community fair or fundraiser.
·     A support group... such as for mothers of newborns or a local grief group.
·     A group that is a sub-set of your Facebook Page... for instance if you have an organizational page, like a children's library, you may want a smaller group for "Parents of Toddlers."

Maybe You Just Want to Join A Group

[Discover FB groups]

Even if you don't want to create your own Facebook Group, you can find ones that you may want to join.

In your personal profile page, in the left column under Explore, click Groups.

Here you'll see any Groups you may already belong to. Click the Discover link to see a list of Recommend Groups as well as ones your friends belong to, and links to other interest areas.

How Do You Set Up a Group?

You can create a group from your own Facebook profile, or if you're an Admin of a Page, you can create a new group with your "Page" as the admin.

[Create Group]

To create a group from your personal Facebook:

In your Profile...

·     Click on the drop-down arrow in the top right of the page
·     Select Create Group

To create a group with your Page as the admin:

·     Go to your Page and click the Groups tab in the left column.
·     NOTE: If it's not visible, Go to your Page and click Settings, Edit Page (in the left column), then scroll to the bottom and click Add a Tab, then click Add Tab next to the tab you want to add, Close and Create Group.

[Add Group]

In both cases, the Create New Group window will open.

[Create Group]

·     Give your Group a Name.

·     Type in a few people's names to add to the group (if you're friends with them). Or wait and invite people to join the group themselves. You need to have at least one member.

·     Select the Privacy level:

·     Public - Anyone can find the group, see the group posts and join.
·     Closed - Anyone can find the Group, but has to request admission and be accepted to see the posts.
·     Secret - Membership is by invitation only and only members can see posts.

Be sure to add a cover photo, a group description, and your location (if applicable).

You can go to the Manage Group area to edit the group settings, create rules and add additional group administrators or moderators.

For Your Facebook Group to be Successful...

[Facebook group]

·     Invite others to join the group by using the Facebook Share link, or sending people your Group Page URL.

·     Post regularly. Provide value to your members.

·     Encourage people to share, comment, and post so that the group takes on an energy and a life.

·     Add Files within your Group to share documents – like an agenda for an upcoming meeting, or a list of recommended resources ... even a training video. Members can also add files and collaborate.

·     Create a clear code of conduct (this can be a pinned post or in the rules section) so that everyone knows the purpose and expectations of the group.

If You Want to Delete/Close Your Group...

·     Go the Group and click Members on the left.
·     You'll need to remove each member from the group. Click the 3 dots next to their names and select Remove from Group.
·     Next to your name (as the Admin), select Leave Group. Only the Admin person can do this.


Communicating: Talking
How strongly do you feel about it?

[Person 1] "I think we should come in this weekend to sort the store-room so that we can become more organized."

[Person 2] "That would mean giving up plans we have. So, on a scale of 1 to 10 (with 10 high), how important is this idea to you?"

If you want to shorten the back and forth of a discussion on any topic where there are differing ideas ... or you want to find out how strongly the other person feels ... ask this quick measuring stick question:

"On a scale of 1 to 10 (10 high)...
·     how much do you want to do that?"
·     how strongly do you feel about it?"
·     how important is it to you?"

While they're thinking of a number, explain the scale, by giving them a gauge for either end. (You can be a bit absurd and maybe even a little silly if the situation allows for it.) Examples:

·     "...where 10 is you'll die if we don't; and 1 is you really don't want to."
·     "...where 10 is vital; 1 is totally unimportant; 5 is I don't care either way."
·     "...where 10 would make your day; 1 is your worst nightmare."

Understanding the Answer

If they give you a number above 5, you know it's important to them. You can judge your answer by knowing that. If it's below, they're probably just trying to be nice by suggesting it. Or it was an off-hand idea.

TIP: Sometimes people suggest things because they think you want to do something, and they want to be obliging. When you ask the 1-10 question, they tend to pony up with their own feelings so you make a better decision about what to do. It fleshes out any accommodating or second guessing that may go on when people try to make others happy.


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