[techtalk] Tech-Talk: HARDWARE – Do You Need a Silent Mouse?

Darci Hanning darci.hanning at state.or.us
Tue Jul 30 13:53:53 PDT 2019

Greetings and welcome to this week’s issue of Tech-Talk!
Have you heard of a "noiseless" mouse?


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 This Week's Topic: HARDWARE
1. VIDEO ... Do You Need a Silent Mouse?
2. ARTICLE ... Do You Need a Silent Mouse?
3. COMMUNICATING ... Feedback from a stranger

[silent mouse]<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001gEt5bq3kpErO2U7g8dYAvqAwLb8Ui8eN_wj0DMykKMfvHkkcEhgtlsjVzY75K9Ima4Iyjp1ir5GjA0JsGkkONpoIGfZ6RI9iBNwGowgka6VW55KwswyKBmjrDwFzMvGJbOOHW0zE-Cr3P8RztHX_2NUl-QGOkcBZOz6ld3D0wi-JJbukAXIpubDlw7MGIPqB&c=tg5TgnABu4uE4Sbdy4DwYfkcMteTZAwk6ZkzTy-ILOB-Pl3GxVvPCg==&ch=fFZRHVEAeMhdVZYQhOO-n8cffI4hCiCILK28NnBwsgOuTw1atZU8LA==>

Photo by Ricky Kharawala<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001gEt5bq3kpErO2U7g8dYAvqAwLb8Ui8eN_wj0DMykKMfvHkkcEhgtlsjVzY75K9ImdQLI8dByeBWOQ7xr8IBsAH_OInw8uLkWHjm5WB7OJNcAM_p_XqP98H3Q17YvhObDOb9dQkFJBysSwEHfL_eoyDETufdj820hMGSBo8xIFiyT4Q-Z2K9YSadVuVcKqTsYR9qa6oSIvdmTRYvW4V5pmDN2Rn1jez8pfgkpN4zx4CUT8Ynqj4viw8CsFreBzgbi__BqnIqiRspiGuU8FulQQQ==&c=tg5TgnABu4uE4Sbdy4DwYfkcMteTZAwk6ZkzTy-ILOB-Pl3GxVvPCg==&ch=fFZRHVEAeMhdVZYQhOO-n8cffI4hCiCILK28NnBwsgOuTw1atZU8LA==> on Unsplash<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001gEt5bq3kpErO2U7g8dYAvqAwLb8Ui8eN_wj0DMykKMfvHkkcEhgtlqix9z6wYDcTltDY5ozz8AXBX3POJ7ihB8z-6rTAUlmporooDu7no1403cPnW3GtdVpRIzA0f8vo7k_dkFyjQeiwjrurIiLlHy6fWewRnrtOI2yhsrtcfTtUoTGXMzgwz8GkAD63rfgYm1ag9KvUTSm_RNsBCdEbjjLBegPDwm7tjS2ErjvQxTZqRkHj3Ev_KN1wWx-bAjDOy1VpGBYznjR_5gzG_4gNYg==&c=tg5TgnABu4uE4Sbdy4DwYfkcMteTZAwk6ZkzTy-ILOB-Pl3GxVvPCg==&ch=fFZRHVEAeMhdVZYQhOO-n8cffI4hCiCILK28NnBwsgOuTw1atZU8LA==>

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HARDWARE – Do You Need a Silent Mouse?

[mouse click]

Is your computer's mouse too squeaky? Mine is! When working in a public space, or near co-workers, the constant click, click, click is annoying not only to me, but to others.

It began bothering me in the process of making Tech-Talk videos. As I clicked to advance a PowerPoint slide, the noise of the mouse click was so loud that I would have to edit it out of the recording. What a waste of time!

So I wondered if perhaps there were a way to turn it off... maybe a computer setting? No luck there, but did you know there's such a thing as a "Silent" or "Noiseless" Mouse?

Apparently, a mouse can make noise in three different ways: 1) when moving it on a mousepad or table, 2) when right or left-clicking, and 3) moving the wheel when scrolling up and down.

However, there are now multiple companies that have come up with the technology for what is known as a Silent or Noiseless Mouse.

Choosing a Silent Mouse

If you don't want to annoy a co-worker when you share office space, the person enjoying their coffee at the table next to you when you're working remotely or when making a video where you don't want the click of the mouse to be picked up in the audio... think about getting a silent mouse.

What features should you look for? Think about the type of mouse you normally like to use and consider:

·     Wired vs Wireless
·     Ergonomic design / Size
·     Battery life
·     Response Sensitivity
·     Options for additional or programmable buttons
·     Cost

[Quiet mark]

Then consider the "silent" aspect of it. Most noiseless mice boast at least a 90% noise reduction.

And some have received the Quiet Mark certification. This international mark of approval is from the UK Noise Abatement Society which recognizes technology designed to reduce noise.

[silent mouse]

Look for a mouse with "Noiseless" or "Silent" in the title. You'll find top-rated silent mice available from companies like these:

·     VicTsing
·     Logitech
·     TeckNet
·     Ultrathin
·     VEGCOO

Most are available for under $25.

We tested the Logitech M330 Silent Plus Mouse<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001gEt5bq3kpErO2U7g8dYAvqAwLb8Ui8eN_wj0DMykKMfvHkkcEhgtlsjVzY75K9ImVSZP8A5zeiEnX267OIVQFmZamPNox9xuMn6BUIxARv1KKQBux31ujxcBPZ7Otheu3RTBl-M086TEJvNZ1oy4o3sVf5Bpk_WNIAe7AAObio9tVeQlaV-q1oFOanm2HPhI&c=tg5TgnABu4uE4Sbdy4DwYfkcMteTZAwk6ZkzTy-ILOB-Pl3GxVvPCg==&ch=fFZRHVEAeMhdVZYQhOO-n8cffI4hCiCILK28NnBwsgOuTw1atZU8LA==> that was on sale for about $15. It instantly came alive when plugging in the tiny USB receiver. No software or settings to adjust.

Now if we can just get rid of the clickity-clack of a keyboard!


Communication: Feedback
What can a "stranger" tell you?

So here's the situation. You've worked hard at creating an important letter, a significant report or a new project. You've covered every detail.

You've talked to others and made sure their input has been considered. It's all systems go now. You're ready to send the letter, issue the report or announce the project.

But wait! There's more!

If it's really important that your message be clearly understood and endorsed, you need to do the "stranger test".

Ask someone who has no familiarity with what you are doing to read your material ... and ask them a couple of very important questions.

Avoid the obvious ones such as "How was it?" or "Is it OK?"

Instead, ask something like...

"What do you get as the major message?"
(Or if they hesitate, change it up to "What is one of the major messages you get?")

"How does it make you feel?"
(An especially important question if the message has an underlying emotion to it,
but equally effective as an open-ended, non-threatening ask that typically yields a positive answer. People are more able to respond to a feel question
than a "What do you think about it?" type of inquiry.)

When you ask a "stranger" for feedback, you'll be guaranteed to discover insight you hadn't expected. It will either reinforce that you're ready to go or you may find out there are one or more things you might want to adjust.


[Ask a question]<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001gEt5bq3kpErO2U7g8dYAvqAwLb8Ui8eN_wj0DMykKMfvHkkcEhgtlrMA3w3CteYi91953cHhMhjToUBb-IVrF4R-UO5sBd4knTTspxQrUXYr3rD0fVJmZNBldJxca40y4CNIJjrIEqbUv4u4vjkGPjqTPUuppxOZjD96z3BRgTY=&c=tg5TgnABu4uE4Sbdy4DwYfkcMteTZAwk6ZkzTy-ILOB-Pl3GxVvPCg==&ch=fFZRHVEAeMhdVZYQhOO-n8cffI4hCiCILK28NnBwsgOuTw1atZU8LA==>

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