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ave multiple web pages to a folder to open later


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 This Week's Topic: INTERNET
1. VIDEO ... Open Many Different Websites At Once
2. ARTICLE ... Open Many Different Websites At Once
3. COMMUNICATING ... Are you keeping it secret?

[open multiple sites]<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001_Y0zekmeN-vunhJzAGxQxbGUneiY4AVbEc9SYsZBwQm001i52PchaPYgXSjP7AUu8_E5YU6Q7pLtUr1o869zVmY4dVFyqPz8hV_Cw7HcNrWFtyQhyoss2aiWaG8Z6Ywa-39lDF71d-0Gj0pvd7PPfMO04e70EBkqbCNShxaDOA1mEkoOoP-dF-y7H9cOm1RtelltXtXO-6w=&c=nAUwpDPdjJVWagiVIMTNjkrWFrAfbAUyWPntv66lUsckzgZoPF5UNg==&ch=AFZyXh05oifIGMvriWY2OB4d0P00sE_EV55P9VwVYeiYzySJMoYbpQ==>

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INTERNET - Open Many Different Websites At Once

Have you ever had a task on the computer that required you to keep several different web sites open so you could jump quickly from one to the next?

For example, when we make a Tech-Talk video, we open:

[open all tabs]

1.  Screencast.com to upload the video for hosting
2.  Embedresponsively.com to create a responsive video
3.  Tech-Talk.com to post the video
4.  ConstantContact.com to send the weekly email

Every time I start to create a video, I have to open all four different web programs one by one. However, there's a way to create a "set" of browser tabs -- or a folder, that when clicked, opens ALL sites saved within it.

There are so many scenarios where this trick may help you save time.

·     Perhaps you submit press releases to many websites and it's quicker if you have them all open at once.

·     Maybe you make social media posts to multiple platforms -- you can open all the sites quickly in a few clicks.

·     Or perhaps you've been doing some research and have five or six sites open that you want to come back to later.

With this shortcut you can create a bookmarked folder that will quickly save, and later open, all sites for you automatically. Cool!

You can do this in Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge. Let's take a look.

Google Chrome

There are a few ways to do this. You can create a new folder and add pages one at a time... but we're going to do a much faster method by adding all open pages to a folder at once.

·     Open all of your sites in different Chrome tabs (it's easier to close any that you don't want to be included).

·     Select all of the tabs at once by holding down the CTRL key and left-clicking on each of the tabs to include them. NOTE: You'd think the tabs would be a different color or display something to show that they are selected, but they look the same.

·     Next, right-click on the last one, and from the drop-down menu select Bookmark all tabs.

[bookmark tabs]

[create folder]

You'll be prompted to select a folder to add them to, or you can create a new one for this group of website tabs.

To open all sites at once that are added to your folder:

1.  Open a Chrome browser window and in the upper right click the Settings icon (3 vertical dots).
2.  Go to Bookmarks.
3.  Find your folder in the list.
4.  Right-click on your folder and choose to Open all sites in the folder.


Mozilla Firefox

Similar to Chrome, you can save open websites by bookmarking them to a specific folder.

·     Open the sites you want to include in a new tab.

·     Right-click on any of the open tabs and first choose Select All Tabs.

·     With the tabs highlighted, right-click again and choose Bookmark tabs.

·     A window will open where you will name the folder and to finish click the Add Bookmarks button.

[save pages as bookmarks]

To open all of the sites in the Bookmarked folder all at once in the future:

·     Open a Firefox window.

·     Click the Bookmarks icon beside the address bar.

·     Select the folder where you saved your sites. Or, if it’s not showing in the menu go to Show All Bookmarks.

·     Right-click on the folder and select Open All in Tabs.

[open all bookmarks]

Microsoft Edge

You can use the Bookmark process in Edge, but they have a much easier way of saving multiple sites that Microsoft calls, "Set Tabs Aside."

·     Open the websites in tabs that you want to bookmark as a group (close any other open tabs that you don't want to include).

·     Click the "Set these tabs aside" icon that is just to the left side of your open tabs.

·     This saves them as a group to your Tabs Set Aside list.

[browser tabs]

To open a group of tabs you have saved:

[open sites]

·     Open a new Edge browser window.

·     Click on the "Tabs you've set aside" icon in the upper left.

·     Click the Restore tabs option on the right of each set of tabs that you have saved to open all at once. NOTE: You can also click on any singular saved site to open it individually.

[restore tabs]


Communication: Leadership
Are you keeping it secret?

Here's what often happens!

Someone in the organization works tirelessly creating a strategic plan - for a major project, a new building or general financial sustainability. That means a lot of good thinking comes into play.

Needs and implications of proposed actions are taken into consideration.

There is good reasoning for the decisions that are made. Action plans are identified. Goals are set.

The individual or team has worked hard. They've done the thinking for what the project, building or organization needs.

And, then you know what typically happens?

[Shhhh ...]. They keep it a secret.

Sure they tell some people what they're planning and why. They tell the senior team, and some of them share the information. But only the premier organizations tell all the people ... so that everyone can be a part in making that plan a reality.

When you do that the responsibility for the plan's success does not sit on just a few shoulders. When everyone's in the know, more momentum can occur.

OK, you're not in charge. What can you do if you are not the leader in the know?

Ask for the information. Show a willingness, an eagerness, an interest in being informed. You can pull the information down.

TRUE STORY: I was hired to be the first Communications Manager for a major division in Xerox. As such, I reported to the VP, Human Resources and was given free rein to analyze the problems and create solutions ... because employee communications was a serious issue.

The problem for me was that I didn't know what was going on. How could I do the job of "communicating".

Here I was, a single-person department (a step-child of HR). I wasn't in the information loop. I didn't want to rock the boat. But finally, I told my boss of the dilemma.

I'll always remember the surprise she expressed when she said, "You mean you want to be copied in on email and print documents? That's fine. I didn't realize you'd want that information."

And so she did! With that we turned that dis-satisifier around and made it a high factor of employee satisfaction.

You can do the same in your world, regardless of the scope of your influence. Ask for what you need. Let people know your interest.


[Ask a question]<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001_Y0zekmeN-vunhJzAGxQxbGUneiY4AVbEc9SYsZBwQm001i52PchaL0heVRz3RGm3fQCuc05_0fN2wP9W9H1FDkn-pIAHjAEcah1skrA0tmLKAO9_IbHv_sJzlQqbRV5VMK_oUO3pS8_jATfV9iAljb6rNU6tXpoSFskYuzSKR4=&c=nAUwpDPdjJVWagiVIMTNjkrWFrAfbAUyWPntv66lUsckzgZoPF5UNg==&ch=AFZyXh05oifIGMvriWY2OB4d0P00sE_EV55P9VwVYeiYzySJMoYbpQ==>

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