[techtalk] Tech-Talk: PPT or G-Slides – Compress Images to Reduce File Size

Darci Hanning darci.hanning at state.or.us
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Greetings and welcome to this week’s issue of Tech-Talk!


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 This Week's Topic: PowerPoint and Google Slides
1. VIDEO ... Compress Images to Reduce File Size
2. ARTICLE ... Compress Images to Reduce File Size
3. COMMUNICATING ... Re-read Your Email Before Hitting Send

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PPT or G-Slides -- Compress Images to Reduce File Size

I'm working on a PowerPoint for a presentation that a colleague and I are giving together. She tries to email the file to me, but it bounces. It is too large to send!

We didn't think the file would be too big ... as it had fewer than 20 slides. But that wasn't the problem. It was too large because it was FULL of images!

The trend in presentations is to use just a little bit of text on a slide, relying on the images to capture the reader's attention and convey a feeling. But pictures can be huge files, increasing the size of your PowerPoint presentation.

There's a way to keep the size down and still use all the images you want.

[PPT slides]

Typically, when you have an image from a stock photo site (or use one that you've taken) it can be more than double of what is needed to fit properly on a whole slide.

If you think just re-sizing it in PowerPoint will shrink it, be aware that the original "file" size of the image is still intact (even if the picture is smaller on the slide).

So what can you do if you use a lot of images in PowerPoint presentations?

There's a simple trick to reduce the size of your file without significantly diminishing the quality of your images. You can "compress" them.

If you have a presentation that is running slow, or is so large it's unruly to share (depending on how many images you have in your file) you can reduce the size by up to 80%!

NOTE: At this time, Google Slides does not have an image compression option. In this case, to make sure your presentation doesn't get unwieldy, you can resize your images before loading them into your slide.

Compress Images in PowerPoint

There are a few different options when compressing images. You'll have the choice to:

·     Compress ALL pictures
·     Compress SELECT pictures

Either way, to compress pictures, with your PowerPoint file open:

·     Click on one of the images in the presentation that you want to compress.

·     In the Picture Tools Section, in the Format tab, in the Adjust group, click the Compress Pictures option. TIP: If you don't see this, make sure you have selected an image.

[Compress images]

·     In the box that opens you will have a choice to compress the selected image, or all images in your document.

·     To compress the selected image, leave the box checked that says Apply only to this picture.

[compress images]

·     Or, to compress ALL of the images in the presentation, un-check the Apply only to this picture box.

TIP: If you choose to compress all images, it will override any other compression you have done for individual images.

[compress all images]

·     If you have cropped any images in your document, there is an option to Delete cropped areas of pictures. NOTE: When you first crop an image, PowerPoint keeps that original image and you can revert back to the un-cropped state. However, when you compress a cropped image, you cannot undo it later.

·     Next, under Resolution you have choice in the level of quality of your images depending on your use - for Print, Web, Email...

WARNING: If you choose a lower resolution and decide that the lose of quality in your images is not agreeable, you can't simply revert back to the original after your file is saved. So you may want to save the compressed version of your presentation with a new name.

[Resolution options]

You can significantly reduce the size of your file with each of these options.

For example, in a PowerPoint presentation we created that had only 13 slides (but each slide contained a full-size image) we reduced the overall file size from 37,408 KB to only 2,417 KB by selecting the 96 ppi resolution.

[reduce image size]

TIP on Resolution: If your presentation will be projected onto a large screen, you'll want to keep the resolution quite high so that the images remain sharp and don't look grainy. If you are only sharing a PowerPoint with others to view on a standard monitor or laptop, you can choose a much lower resolution.

Change Your PPT Program's Default Image Quality

The default resolution in older versions of PowerPoint is set to 220 ppi (good, but not the best quality). In PPT 2016 and newer it is set to High Fidelity -- which preserves the quality of the image you've inserted.

You can change the default in your desktop PowerPoint by going to File, then Options, and under Advanced in the Image Size and Quality section, change the default for your presentations.

[default settings]


Communication: Email
Re-read your email before hitting Send

Have you ever looked at an email that you sent previously, only to find that it had important mistakes in it? Oh, that hurt, didn't it?

This happened to me recently and I was horrified. I found a few spelling errors and a couple of missing words. How did I miss these? Why didn't spell check help me out?

Here's a simple strategy to save you from future embarrassment...

Re-read (out loud) your email text before hitting Send.

Not only will you find mistakes that you can correct, you'll also be checking for "tone". Is it abrupt, too flowery, or angry? Typically, you want it to come across as friendly and conversational.

When You Click on the Images Below, Use This Login...

Your Username: ORLIBTECH
Your Password: ORLIBTECH


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