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Learn how to move graphics in slight incremental amounts...


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 This Week's Topic: WORD
1. VIDEO ... Easy Way to Nudge Graphics
2. ARTICLE ... Easy Way to Nudge Graphics
3. COMMUNICATING ... Re-Think Your Email Subject Lines


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WORD - Easy Way to Nudge Graphics

[nudge image]

I was adding an image to a Word document and wanted to scoot it over to the right just a tiny bit. Each time I tried to move it, the image jumped about a quarter inch!

Have you ever been frustrated trying to put a graphic in a Word document when you can't seem to place it where you want it? The image seems to have a mind of its own -- staying to the right or left of where you would like it to be!

Perhaps you've created a document and inserted a graphic... and after adding the image you could adjust the wrapping style, but did you know there is an easy way to move the graphic ever so slightly so it is right where you want it instead?

Shortcut Key to Move Graphics in Word (or PowerPoint)

We already know that the Ctrl key can be your best friend in shortcuts. So how does it apply to moving graphics?

FIRST, as you would with any graphic you insert, you have to make the image "move-friendly." (In PowerPoint, you don't have to do this step). But in Word, you have to "unlock" the image first to be able to fully control it.

·     Click on the Layout button in the top right of the image when you insert it and choose an option, like Tight.

·     Or, click on the image and go to the Picture Tools Format menu and under Wrap Text, make a selection from there.

·     Now, you can control exactly where you want the picture to be.

[nudge graphics]

Now, to move a graphic in slight incremental amounts -- the secret is to use the Ctrl and arrow keys:

·     Click on the graphic.
·     Hold down the Ctrl key
·     Press one of the arrow keys to move either up, down, right or left. This will move the graphic approximately 1/100'th of an inch at a time.


Moving Images in Google Docs

At this time, formatting images in a Google Doc is much more simplified. When inserting an image in a Doc you can:

·     Click on it and use the placement options displayed underneath the image: In line, Wrap Text, Break text.
·     Then you can drag the image where you want on the page.
·     Or use the Image Options sidebar to select other image treatments.

[Google apps]


Communication: Email
Re-Think Your Email Subject Lines

I received an email last week with the subject line, "Meeting next week." I mentally filed it in my "to read later" category as I assumed it was just a reminder.

When I finally opened and read the email, I realized the sender needed my input on the agenda for the upcoming meeting. Oops! The meeting was later that day.

What could the sender have done to trigger me to open the email right away? Very simply, the subject line area could have included the action that the sender requested.

For Instance:

Subject Line: Meeting Next Week

Better Subject Line: Need your input today for May 30th (11 am) meeting

When your subject line is intended to communicate the main message, it summarizes the main points. And if an action item is needed, it should always be stated in the subject line.

A Few Examples:

Subject Line: Staff Survey
Better Subject Line: Please take Staff Survey by Friday, 4 pm

Subject Line: New intern
Better Subject Line: Your time with new intern is Thursday from 1-4 pm

TIP: Read more about using subject-only messages and "EOM" in this Tech-Talk article<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001U8NHqonG6sUjefMDLWw613mo8K05RBwvifFhUcaiOu7ZgcoEvFfinmiVBNmo7B_Xbq43elcIrIPy70vAnipcoyzQ-GjZY_bLcRXQnKifxuSajzIVL2WB22ukchF_K9A4RXEzkgap9dZfOrN_85iMc2vfIZC2BTu_H2Lptxv1yRxG3GqGgni3Qw==&c=U__Dx12KvvbD1_eGPwHzEXDw-QCNm_XV1X6hxXc1biCx9Zfnjk0VWA==&ch=VhRlRbCbSU7bkXqZ4sAOM2iC5_HbO0qwFmqvql4g0DKjQqzbsHM8HQ==>.


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