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Darci Hanning darci.hanning at state.or.us
Tue Aug 4 16:00:20 PDT 2020

Greetings and welcome to this week’s issue of Tech-Talk!
Use print selection to save paper and ink




·     Aug 12: Effortless Resources to Create Infographics

·     Aug 26: Excel Spreadsheet Manipulation ... Lots of Pages, One Workbook

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 This Week's Topic: WINDOWS

1. ARTICLE & VIDEO ...Print Only What You Want
2. COMMUNICATING ... Were you watching? They were!
3. LEADERSHIP ... How to take some of the burden off your shoulders.


Photo by Matthew T Rader<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=00136XGpOw12DPfz9e3yeL-HQgu9z0KtQ0DW2AUuiC6h504Vipysay4-3UXrInxLzVw32IiyBLeoxVgkpwkllDP4xOcrlRFyFlJ-Si1aiJh2fyVSv19Lt5PZttholcUBtMd_1Pe3sIQ-wiBEd9e90re_mlOaKWlPyF0VPMMnB3aMRLrMZ8KWtAtztjdQ1bSHPF3naEh_m7hPhsTNDKyiRG4cpuXtsYN-uPsjOytXnV1797hcQTPrgCs3o0XX8ARjJnVfKAM9Sldcl4=&c=LmB_KhRIEUv2p1hkWX9Nu1S09tKhQtbBLeMdvUAU0U-vsW8giUuFXA==&ch=_pjCrBbpaRcK0oHc2x30MIZQ0h3bKHu5cOas3SLi2ls3_1hAOzYzSA==> on Unsplash<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=00136XGpOw12DPfz9e3yeL-HQgu9z0KtQ0DW2AUuiC6h504Vipysay4--uwm1Bw4AxAgt82HEHFq_1kv9XqpMaD_tl_J_uarY9rMrwMqTibN9MmnPgm-aaNrFLCwgfARTQFiLvy9A_KAjPCZ2P-DciU8jNMFa5WbyoGSUlVJM-_FgbaRWi_tNDoTM_p6361aIVNrn-MC5qTroj5ehoEWJcGQgAHE27b5qT5Jua39wnZvCgVDupNFHBFwgv67H0yw7wfMMA2eRqMBuy_pPNO9VDxwQ==&c=LmB_KhRIEUv2p1hkWX9Nu1S09tKhQtbBLeMdvUAU0U-vsW8giUuFXA==&ch=_pjCrBbpaRcK0oHc2x30MIZQ0h3bKHu5cOas3SLi2ls3_1hAOzYzSA==>

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Questions about Tech-Talk?

WINDOWS - Print Only What You Want


The other day I am writing a press release. I send it to the printer so that I can proof it and make notes on the hard copy. The next day I add a few more paragraphs, but instead of printing the whole thing again ... wasting paper and ink ... I choose the "print selection" option.

Do you know about this hidden gem in the printer choices on most computers? It's called "Print Selection." It does just that, prints only what you have highlighted or selected.

Here's another use! Have you ever wanted to print only part of a long, scrolling web page so that you wouldn't include the side bars, advertising and waste endless amounts of paper and ink? Some pages go on and on and on... and you may only need to print a section of it. You can highlight the text you want and just print that!

Perhaps you have an email that you want to print only part of the note. You know that you can select the print current page or custom range option, but that still doesn't get you want you need.

With Print Select, you can be more efficient and save a few trees!

TIP: If you have a really cluttered website page and want to print portions of it (out of sequence), see this article<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=00136XGpOw12DPfz9e3yeL-HQgu9z0KtQ0DW2AUuiC6h504Vipysay4-3OWcEvA6mhPqMVdFzSp1y6Up2C_iCp1Saruv2KxD3clXE8zRMtronZvDXji-PjlKEhtCXoNzvfjrM4snLcDeHlUHcx9Tf8PPR6HF_t9w9KglsdqxSJcnh2TFp-ZSM0FHnR13wB2_k2pj8azZFA4dQJlCSmQhMghuQ==&c=LmB_KhRIEUv2p1hkWX9Nu1S09tKhQtbBLeMdvUAU0U-vsW8giUuFXA==&ch=_pjCrBbpaRcK0oHc2x30MIZQ0h3bKHu5cOas3SLi2ls3_1hAOzYzSA==> for a free online tool to "print website pages without all the junk."

How to Use Print Selection

Let's use a web page for this example. We see a very helpful article, but we only want to print the middle section.

[web page to print]

[print selection]

By highlighting what we wanted to print and then using Print Selection, instead of printing the full page, we were able to take control and only print what we wanted.

How Print Selection Works

In most printer options, there is a choice called "Selection," you just need to know where to find it.

As in the website page example above:

[print selection]

·     Start by highlighting the section of content you want to print in your document or website page.
·     Right-click and choose Print.
·     Depending on what kind of printer or what version of software you have, there are a few different ways to get to this option.
·     We found Selection only under the Options menu.

[print selection]

Or, if you're working in a Microsoft document (2010 or newer):

·     Go to File, Print.
·     In the Settings section, click on the down arrow for Print All Pages.
·     The Print Selection option becomes available. Click on this choice to only print what you have highlighted.

CAUTION: If, when you are trying to print only part of a website page or document, and the Print Selection option is not showing or grayed out, it may be because you didn't highlight / select anything to print.

Now you can take control of your printing options and not waste so much paper and expensive ink!


Communications: Talking
Oops, did you really do that on camera?

Everybody is doing Zoom meetings! Or Google Hangouts! Or Microsoft Teams!

How can this damage your professional image?

When you're on one of these calls, you're in the spotlight. Many folks have video cameras these days so that all the attendees can see everyone. Hey, that's a great thing. It helps with communication to see your face, your reactions.

It also means you have to be on your toes when it comes to being in front of the camera all the time.

I recently attended a group meeting using Google Hangouts instead of Zoom. Well, it was wonderful to see everyone because this was the first time we had met. But I quickly realized that in this tool (unlike Zoom), I couldn't see myself.

Now it's not that I like being on camera or watching me, but it made me realize that I had better not let my guard down and appear to be bored or inattentive ... or worse.

I had no visual reminder that they could see me ... and what I would look like. So I put on my most interested face and was conscious of nodding my head in agreement, smiling and reacting so that the others knew I was involved in a positive way.

Being careful in these meetings isn't just for when you can't see yourself.

I attended a different meeting, a group of women who were getting together at night. One looked like she was asleep. Another appeared to be paying more attention to her pet. I guess they didn't realize how everything is "magnified" when you're seen on video. (Not literally, but many more things are noticed than if you were sitting in a conference room. Plus we tend to slip with our professional demeanor when we're calling in from home.)

When you're on camera in a collaborative online meeting, it will serve you well to act as if you are in a spotlight during the entire session. I guarantee you many are watching. You want to make the best impression.


You don't have to do it all yourself

As a leader there are lots of responsibilities. It's easy to put all the burden on your shoulders, especially when you have folks on your team who keep needing you to: make decisions for them, tell them exactly what to do or require you to check up on them to make sure tasks have been done.

So here's how you can avoid much of that. These are three important elements of leadership for getting things done effectively, so that everyone is helping and on the same page.

1. Communicate the big picture ... for each thing you ask them to do. Tie the task into the vision or the organization's goals so that they feel proud of what they are doing.

2. Discuss how they fit in ... make sure the individuals understand the importance of their roles in achieving the big picture.

3. Make two-way communicating a matter of habit ... don't let the talking be all them or all you. Share ideas, insights and questions.

When you come to the table with mutual respect, these three steps will start to come naturally. If you intentionally ensure they happen on a regular basis, you'll get in a habit and your results will soar.

When your team members understand the big picture, know how they fit in, and how to have two-way communications with you, your work life becomes exponentially better.

Not only will you get more done as a team, but some responsibility will be lifted from your shoulders, you'll be putting out fewer fires and you'll be enjoying the role of leader.

For more tips and six questions to ask in two-way conversations, watch the "How Managers Become Great Leaders<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=00136XGpOw12DPfz9e3yeL-HQgu9z0KtQ0DW2AUuiC6h504Vipysay4-3UXrInxLzVwnY7jUaEV8rujdmJEVTu_xJa3EgbwOR4DqTYG4GCdklA-fnpqku1XUlhnsFTGDiaLBXSzeO46LMR7y51p0HRiDGD16HTbOAMLxywSXQ84WoCZwK4uDugYCsUy52VxT0UfQM69RKHF-Z1_5kRLaoI9pJrlplqkJC4dTsephv82DO9ISLehFXEecRifh3u0RfC2rfHuCHhxE_tc0tvqOpW3_eBEBfzeiq8h&c=LmB_KhRIEUv2p1hkWX9Nu1S09tKhQtbBLeMdvUAU0U-vsW8giUuFXA==&ch=_pjCrBbpaRcK0oHc2x30MIZQ0h3bKHu5cOas3SLi2ls3_1hAOzYzSA==>" webinar.


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