[techtalk] DESKTOP - Declutter Your Desktop with 3 Tips

Darci Hanning darci.hanning at state.or.us
Tue Aug 11 16:36:28 PDT 2020

Greetings and welcome to this week’s issue of Tech-Talk!
Quick shortcuts to clean up your desktop




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·     Aug 26: Excel Spreadsheet Manipulation ... Lots of Pages, One Workbook

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 This Week's Topic: DESKTOP

1. ARTICLE & VIDEO ...Declutter Your Desktop with 3 Tips
2. COMMUNICATING ... Switch out the "but"
3. LEADERSHIP ... What do you see in this?

[declutter desktop]<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=00128CYXzreV8veEO5xKOZZouAFLZIWzrNQfYxQTTfs0NReQPtwIWvg1LD4_6fSkSxfVVdbTr5htm97ut5M1WLfkM8TZ8UKmR9KfoojlfoG0267A-Ptar4kUGDRbRr4H-BKFoyUndkc3_SYBpQQda4jOFIgE3gUFZLT5rQ0vvJp7vsBp0yiFHqMQOyh9WuLcvrri0iwzVxz0b0=&c=nNRBaSxBLWmVy4p_8eg5GNJZ1X5cd30AQk5VnFCJ4N3JG_ItP59hzg==&ch=w7vsxNxBiTiOiRDz9ccwy0LpEtgK30oVoyHxL8eLxbkazPUNBj_STw==>

Photo by Derek Thomson<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=00128CYXzreV8veEO5xKOZZouAFLZIWzrNQfYxQTTfs0NReQPtwIWvg1LD4_6fSkSxfoHszmqgaSXaarwBF6Fkq0bkLM6Wr5UUEV-C3_cpHtT_4guutE8___eQgdwZn_ATyz7Ebpj2-0e4QGTwhQTcu7D8_6ylyMZ_-YB-5cVi7MpCsJRX-xYJKFqO862e_X8FwI4irSE4U_M9u3gq-6YA1e0Kv4fzxoI5Axrxw_S1DCjWNYY2bUGF-NNuDbNCRnoYnDNotC0wSVWc=&c=nNRBaSxBLWmVy4p_8eg5GNJZ1X5cd30AQk5VnFCJ4N3JG_ItP59hzg==&ch=w7vsxNxBiTiOiRDz9ccwy0LpEtgK30oVoyHxL8eLxbkazPUNBj_STw==> on Unsplash<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=00128CYXzreV8veEO5xKOZZouAFLZIWzrNQfYxQTTfs0NReQPtwIWvg1LD4_6fSkSxfcBaVrzOLmLg9ADJeyca3zw10ZnY2A4DfxcvWIjQ2DPGnrlnj12kdxkX3coEM9jtb9SCjfWw83peTTvrhx9IrSKTifOH4OaR7CQTqjW9gf2NbeiSF4IfyDJzfXvigdkK4-fwDtlY8ub4o_xw2BZ9blB-bITojwMEJNxQY4IgZYAoNWBz5D9wQArMcUSaBd-RBo9SO62bCgzcjUFpWRBjCHA==&c=nNRBaSxBLWmVy4p_8eg5GNJZ1X5cd30AQk5VnFCJ4N3JG_ItP59hzg==&ch=w7vsxNxBiTiOiRDz9ccwy0LpEtgK30oVoyHxL8eLxbkazPUNBj_STw==>

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DESKTOP - Declutter Your Desktop with 3 Tips

[declutter desktop]

My computer desktop gets cluttered with multiple open programs, shortcuts and documents every day. It gets a bit difficult to focus and complete tasks with so much digital mess.

If you feel the same pain, let's look at these three Windows shortcuts to tame your desktop.

1. Minimize ALL Open Windows with One Click (in Windows 10)

You're humming along during the day and have many apps open. Then you need to get to your desktop. Instead of manually minimizing each item one-by-one, there's one click that can do it for you. It's a tiny little feature that's good to know about.

It's called the Show Desktop Button. It's a narrow, vertical button at the very right of your toolbar – barely visible. Just click on it once to minimize all open windows.(They don't close, just disappear into your toolbar).

Want to bring them all back? Click the Show Desktop Button again to restore the open windows.

[minimize open programs]

I like this feature because I can't always remember shortcut keys. But if you like them, the Windows + M key will also minimize ALL open windows (but it won't bring them back). Remember "M" for "minimize."

2. Minimize All but ONE Window with Aero Shake
(For Windows 10, 8 & 7)

Now suppose you have a bunch of windows open and you want to focus on a SINGLE program or document – just ONE. You could minimize them all individually, but that's not efficient.

NOTE: If you have multiple monitors, this works like a dream.

A quick trick? Aero Shake lets you quickly minimize all open windows (programs, files, Internet browsers) except the current active window ... by shaking its title bar. This cool feature lets you "shake" all the rest away. It doesn't close the files, or programs, but minimizes them.

To use Aero Shake, grab the window you want to keep open by clicking in the title bar at the top with your left mouse button. Then shake your mouse back and forth quickly left to right (while continuing to hold down the button). After a few quick shakes, all the other open windows on your desktop will be minimized to the taskbar.

[aero shake]

Ready to bring them back? Just shake again and all windows will be maximized.

Or, of course there's a shortcut key option. Click inside the application you want to keep, then click the Windows + Home key for the same outcome.

3. Hide Desktop Icons with One Click

You may find yourself in a situation where you have a cluttered desktop full of icons and need to hide them temporarily.

TIP: Saving files to your desktop is not recommended, but I do this every day - temporarily. I'll tell you why.

For instance, I may have saved an email document that I need to read, or an image file I'll use once. I put them on my desktop temporarily and then delete them at the end of the day. I do that for visibility. If I had saved these one-time-use files to a folder, they would probably live there forever!

So if your desktop is cluttered for one reason or another and you need to…

·     Give a live presentation and don't want attendees to see the icons on your desktop...
·     Or share something in an online (Zoom) meeting and want to obscure personal items on your screen...
·     Or maybe you're making a screencast video (and your desktop is involved) and you need it to be clean...

...then can hide all the icons on your screen - temporarily (including files, programs or short-cuts) quickly.

[clean desktop]

Here's how!

·     With your mouse on your desktop, right-click and choose View, then Show Desktop Items (to un-check it).

·     To show the icons again, repeat by right-clicking, choose View and again, Show Desktop Items.

View of clean desktop!

[clean desktop]


Communications: Talking
Switch out the "but..."

How many times in a conversation (or in writing) do you start a response with "But..."

Listen to yourself for a day and observe your writing ... yes, even your email. How many times do you start a sentence or a phrase with the word "But"?

When you do that, you immediately communicate disagreement ... even negativity, disrespect, and non-receptivity.

Picture this: Someone shares an idea with you. You answer with a comment that starts out with "But..." Yup, even if you're essentially agreeing with the idea, people tend to interject a new idea with the word "But."

A simple fix: Use the word "And..." instead.

That's a continuation word, not a "your idea isn't good enough, listen to mine" statement by starting with "but..."


Team member: "We could hold our annual picnic at the State Park this year."

You (trying to be supportive): "But we'd have to get a permit or pay an entrance fee."

TIP: Be on the lookout for your "buts," convert them to "and" or "so."


What do you see in this illustration?

I used to speak to organizations on their full retreat days ... when all staff attended. On the screen behind me would be the illustration below. My friend Alex Tiani drew it as an interpretation of a point I wanted to make. (I'll tell you in a minute what that is.)

It was fine to show the picture and explain the concept. But after a while, I got smarter and changed it up. I would put up the image ... and ask what it communicated to them.

[No vision]

Here's what I meant it to convey...

Without a vision, everyone is pulling in different directions,
so the goal can not be achieved.

I'm sure you can see that, right?

Is there another interpretation you could make of this visual? Put it in the comments, please.<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=00128CYXzreV8veEO5xKOZZouAFLZIWzrNQfYxQTTfs0NReQPtwIWvg1LD4_6fSkSxfy_AiW-WP7SMKX4FT3-t3_TfGpHPyN5OECR5Uhs24wSzdtT346-ORirmXWG8p91DI1LksFJbBFI05hRT7wtDQp4HVpraUl8U4FjCjl5PzQLnCdObhmJ9y9DOimwZhTDSwRZ9X9uonlOg=&c=nNRBaSxBLWmVy4p_8eg5GNJZ1X5cd30AQk5VnFCJ4N3JG_ItP59hzg==&ch=w7vsxNxBiTiOiRDz9ccwy0LpEtgK30oVoyHxL8eLxbkazPUNBj_STw==>


[Ask a question]<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=00128CYXzreV8veEO5xKOZZouAFLZIWzrNQfYxQTTfs0NReQPtwIWvg1OWi6-wM3Qd_8pz_CFrs5YhBw9kAX-wdxGFuIdNyU2hE7MmvxadKZo1ngpv3sN9qpqOYL21Z7URFeQtfZ9N1lUcK66nQsT3b9h8NTWyBi1LwxO2lGS5Rxto=&c=nNRBaSxBLWmVy4p_8eg5GNJZ1X5cd30AQk5VnFCJ4N3JG_ItP59hzg==&ch=w7vsxNxBiTiOiRDz9ccwy0LpEtgK30oVoyHxL8eLxbkazPUNBj_STw==>

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