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Greetings and welcome to this week’s issue of Tech-Talk!
Printing a text message requires a few work-arounds...




·     Aug 26: Excel Spreadsheet Manipulation ... Lots of Pages, One Workbook

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·     Sep 9: Are You Using the Full Power of Gmail?

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 This Week's Topic: MOBILE

1. ARTICLE & VIDEO ... How to Print a Text Message
2. COMMUNICATING ... Avoiding Conflict: A New Version of "The Meat Story"
3. LEADERSHIP ... Do you put people first or last?


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MOBILE - Printing a Text Message

[print text message]

Have you ever needed to print out a text message? Mobile phones are quite smart, but there doesn't seem to be a direct "print" button when it comes to printing them, right.
So how do you print a text conversation that you want to save?

This question was submitted to Central NY Library Resources Council (CLRC) by one of their members and then forwarded to us. We thought you'd like to see this information as well, so we put it in a Tech-Talk article.

First, there are many reasons that you would want to print out text conversations from your phone. Some people delete all messages on a regular basis, but there are circumstances where you would want to keep a hard copy.

You may want...

·     Paper archives of important conversations.
·     A printed list to view all the info more easily.
·     Proof of something for a dispute, insurance claim, or legal matter.
·     A copy of a supportive message from a colleague or a loved one.

Let's look at three different ways to print out text messages from either an iPhone or an Android device.

1. Print Text Messages via Screenshots

The most obvious way to print a text message is to take a screenshot of it. This works if you want to capture not only the message, but have a clear record of the time and dates. However, the downfall of this method is that it can be cumbersome if the message is longer than what you can capture in one screen. Then you have to take multiple screenshots.

Screenshot from an iPhone

Depending on your iPhone model, to take a screenshot:

·     iPhone model with Face ID: Press the Side button and the Volume up button at the same time and then quickly release both buttons.
·     iPhone model with Touch ID: Press the Side button and the Home button (at the bottom) at the same time. Quickly release both buttons.
·     iPhone model with Touch ID and top button: Press the Top button and the Home button (at the bottom) at the same time and then quickly release both buttons.

[save to photos]

For any of the versions, go to the Photos app on your iPhone to find your screenshot(s). Select the images and tap the Share button at the bottom left and chose to:
1.  Send it to a printer.
2.  Open your email app and email it to yourself.
3.  Save it in a platform like Dropbox. Then you can access the image to print from another device.

Screenshot from an Android
NOTE: Steps may vary depending on your device.

·     It does depend on what device you have, but most likely to take a screenshot, press the Volume down button and Power button, then quickly release.
·     If you need to print out more than what's shown on the screen, scroll down to take another screen capture.
·     Depending on your device, you may have a Share button right after taking the capture. If there is no immediate Share option, you can view your screenshot saved to your Photo gallery.
·     From either location, tap the Share button and chose to send to a printer, open your email app, or save in a platform like Dropbox, Google Drive, or other cloud service and access them from a computer to print.


2. Print Text Messages via Email (or the Notes App)

In this option, you can copy and paste a message into another app on your phone and then print it. The downside is that this method only captures the text of the message. The date and time information is not included.

For example, I received a set of instructions via text message that kept me scrolling and scrolling trying to read it -- and then apply the steps in a different app on my phone. So I wanted to print it out.

This method works well because you can copy and paste a message into an email (or Notes app) to print... because the date and time info is not needed. See how below.

From an iPhone:
NOTE: Steps may vary depending on your version.

To print ONE message (not the whole conversation):

·     Open the message and tap inside one of the message bubbles and hold until more options are displayed.
·     Select the Copy option to copy the contents of the text to the clipboard.

OPTION 1 - If you CAN'T print from your iPhone to a local printer: Open your email app on your device and start a new email. Tap in the message body. Select the Paste button when it appears to add your copied text message. Send the message to a device where you can print it.

[paste in a text message]

OPTION 2 - If you CAN print from your iPhone:
Open your Notes app and start a new Note. Tap in the message body. Select the Paste button when it appears to add the copied text message. Tap the Share button at the top and choose a Print option (as in the image below).

[print from notes app]

[select more than one message]

To print multiple (or all) messages in the conversation:

·     Open the text message and tap inside one of the text bubbles in the conversation.

·     Instead of selecting Copy, click the More option.

[select multiple messages]

·     This will return you to the text conversation where you can click the check mark to the left of each text bubble for the messages you want copied.

·     Click the Share icon in the lower left of the screen and all that you have copied will populate in a new text message.

·     Now you can copy that into an email or your Notes app to print (as outlined above in Options 1 & 2).

For an Android Device
NOTE: Steps may vary depending on your device.


·     Open the message and tap and hold on the text you want to copy.
·     Tap Copy Text in the menu that appears (on some devices you will need to and drag the highlight handles to capture all the text you want to include).
·     Open your email app on your device and start a new email.
·     Tap and hold in the space where you'd like to paste the text. Tap Paste in the menu that appears. You can alternatively choose to Paste as plain text.
·     Send the message to a device where you can open and print it.
·     Or, on some devices you may have a Notes app. Paste the copied text into this app and choose to Print.

3. Use a Third-Party App

Whenever possible, we try to give you solutions that don't involve additional software. However, if text message screenshots or the copy and paste options outlined above don't get the job done, there are free (and paid) 3rd party apps that provide this service.

One tool, from iMobie.com is called AnyTrans. It offers support for both iOS and Android devices -- and has a free level. With this app you can:

·     Back up or print messages as well as attachments (and print them)
·     Export photos and videos
·     Transfer music
·     Transfer WhatsApp chats
·     Move all of your data over to a new device

So it solves our dilemma of finding a way to print a text message conversation... and more. To see this software:

·     For iOS devices (iPhone), visit https://www.imobie.com/anytrans<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001jsQqg6Qx16VMGr0uoZXc-azF9bUV0hcH_GUDSiS4PAcljfdcI8Bs47PLG8n9mpM2jmSWJR_lQIKjtcAWVSqWG-ySZFcQU-nCg2ujnlnS1rLDKsceVXWYHVmmYDQC9xNFGSSm4OuAuUvXrQ_lyn74C8NtAojMOOap&c=Mrt_mBShc1ZrvnEXwwetvotb5QfRO6TzQfkNsWBfu_Dor_GMrP9Gjw==&ch=emA8FGGH0olFFK2wQdfoj5uuAzSmGaRj3Si4xGGOPnWEY5mhdyHXtg==>
·     For Android devices: visit https://www.imobie.com/anydroid<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001jsQqg6Qx16VMGr0uoZXc-azF9bUV0hcH_GUDSiS4PAcljfdcI8Bs47PLG8n9mpM2TmAfM5J7yp2r0Hlq-3Pc2WjMsztZ9_5Tqg3-HOF4TZGJ2FcVlsUhI-C8LkkQJj5gah6EtJzy_m-LFHfFM3bnmEeCTYFFjZ1D&c=Mrt_mBShc1ZrvnEXwwetvotb5QfRO6TzQfkNsWBfu_Dor_GMrP9Gjw==&ch=emA8FGGH0olFFK2wQdfoj5uuAzSmGaRj3Si4xGGOPnWEY5mhdyHXtg==>

To use AnyTrans, you Download it to your computer, then Connect your phone to it with a USB cable. In the Device Manager, choose Messages, select the messages you want to print, and then click Print. See the full set of instructions here<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001jsQqg6Qx16VMGr0uoZXc-azF9bUV0hcH_GUDSiS4PAcljfdcI8Bs47PLG8n9mpM25m4uCUbd20mTwmWZVhlF4FRtYVHQ8vhMTa7ZusEafOzHouQXLGiUL_EW4wf4LwTNPgRdCZeRdpV6B6Wm6QX1Z4yugnpzF0_KzwRGelcJgED788IUt-QVm1COUXdNQ06Hr849F4J1hq-uE3yaRnsd4w==&c=Mrt_mBShc1ZrvnEXwwetvotb5QfRO6TzQfkNsWBfu_Dor_GMrP9Gjw==&ch=emA8FGGH0olFFK2wQdfoj5uuAzSmGaRj3Si4xGGOPnWEY5mhdyHXtg==>.



Communications: Avoiding Conflict
"Wear a Mask" (A New Version of The Meat Story)

We previously wrote an article in Tech-Talk called The Meat Story. You can review it here for important details in the technique.<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001jsQqg6Qx16VMGr0uoZXc-azF9bUV0hcH_GUDSiS4PAcljfdcI8Bs47PLG8n9mpM2lexMF9tvnIfWhFswyj0fyf39tltmSpQ-De5KB9K39DtmxOUPnDW5Kxgyn8xBzlDFMPTL44YCTmkL9OAPtnqPgU6xob95L57TyTmmL1fbUCQGD_Xty3Qev5C9b3SQCCSBHh4GIQpZqnE=&c=Mrt_mBShc1ZrvnEXwwetvotb5QfRO6TzQfkNsWBfu_Dor_GMrP9Gjw==&ch=emA8FGGH0olFFK2wQdfoj5uuAzSmGaRj3Si4xGGOPnWEY5mhdyHXtg==>

The method we shared revolves around one very effective way to handle or avoid conflict by being firm, but kind ... yet not deviating from the basic message.

So here's what happened after that! I shared this technique with my spouse as he was having difficulty with some of his team members not wanting to wear a mask inside the workplace. Not only is this company policy for that organization, but it was state-mandated as well.

I'm sure you've experienced some of this rebellion in your own library, school or institution, right?

Here's how my honey applied The Meat Story at work. Seeing a team member on the floor not wearing a mask, he as the supervisor, approached the worker and asked him to put his mask on.

Team Member: "I don't want to. It's hot and uncomfortable."
Supervisor: "You need to wear a mask in the building. It is company policy."

Team Member: "But they say masks aren't effective so I shouldn't have to wear one."
Supervisor: "Please put your mask on. It is company policy."

Team Member: "It's my right not to have to wear a mask."
Supervisor: "In this building you need to wear a mask. It is company policy."

The result... the team member backed down and put on his mask.

The supervisor could have spent time debating each of the team member's objections, but that was not the point. You can see that stating the problem, followed by saying what you want – and not resorting to arguing or delving into all the “whys and wherefores” – can result in a positive resolution.

So you can see, this technique works in many situations. Give it a try!

Meat Story article: review it here for important details in the technique.<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001jsQqg6Qx16VMGr0uoZXc-azF9bUV0hcH_GUDSiS4PAcljfdcI8Bs47PLG8n9mpM2lexMF9tvnIfWhFswyj0fyf39tltmSpQ-De5KB9K39DtmxOUPnDW5Kxgyn8xBzlDFMPTL44YCTmkL9OAPtnqPgU6xob95L57TyTmmL1fbUCQGD_Xty3Qev5C9b3SQCCSBHh4GIQpZqnE=&c=Mrt_mBShc1ZrvnEXwwetvotb5QfRO6TzQfkNsWBfu_Dor_GMrP9Gjw==&ch=emA8FGGH0olFFK2wQdfoj5uuAzSmGaRj3Si4xGGOPnWEY5mhdyHXtg==>


Employees last or first?

Here is an excerpt from Start With Why. How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action, a best selling book by Simon Sinek. (At this point he is talking about Continental Airlines and the well-known struggle they had to stay alive as a company.)

[The bold and color are my edits ... to bring to your attention.]

"Some would argue that the reason Continental's culture was so poisonous was that the company was struggling. They would tell you that it's hard for executives to focus on anything other than survival when a company is facing hard times. 'Once we get profitable again," the logic went, "then we'll take a look at everything else.' And without a doubt, throughout the 1980's and early 1990's Continental struggled. The company filed for Chapter 11 protection twice in eight years ... and managed to go through ten CEOs in a decade. In 1994, the year Bethune took over as the newest CEO, the company had lost $600 million and ranked last in every measurable performance category."

All too often the people are considered and accommodated last. "When everything is OK, then we'll look at employee satisfaction." Really?

The author goes on to talk about how Bethune turned the company around ... in one year ... from massive losses to a profit of $250 million. And he did it, by valuing the opposite from the previous struggling executives. He took care of people first!

In my opinion, you can't fix financials in a vacuum. The people ... employees, volunteers, contractors ... are the force of work. Without them no progress can occur.

So where do you start when you need change -- when you need to buckle up and chart a new course? With the people ... their ideas, their stamina, their insight.

When you do that, the leaders gain trust. And with trust comes a wealth of resources that can bring about remarkable progress.

How do <http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001jsQqg6Qx16VMGr0uoZXc-azF9bUV0hcH_GUDSiS4PAcljfdcI8Bs4wvOR_X2na1NY_TdkHQ6d4dXpV-T9E1cYpl1eguO19dqEJ5m6jvD1p2QLkRG483Hdh_D3LTweWk_OEI-mEleuk9GZrpnfmRzKjIRSa7iv0wW_m_jr48HRK4M6TOUWHyzUax1rb1zyw5e&c=Mrt_mBShc1ZrvnEXwwetvotb5QfRO6TzQfkNsWBfu_Dor_GMrP9Gjw==&ch=emA8FGGH0olFFK2wQdfoj5uuAzSmGaRj3Si4xGGOPnWEY5mhdyHXtg==> you <http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001jsQqg6Qx16VMGr0uoZXc-azF9bUV0hcH_GUDSiS4PAcljfdcI8Bs4wvOR_X2na1NY_TdkHQ6d4dXpV-T9E1cYpl1eguO19dqEJ5m6jvD1p2QLkRG483Hdh_D3LTweWk_OEI-mEleuk9GZrpnfmRzKjIRSa7iv0wW_m_jr48HRK4M6TOUWHyzUax1rb1zyw5e&c=Mrt_mBShc1ZrvnEXwwetvotb5QfRO6TzQfkNsWBfu_Dor_GMrP9Gjw==&ch=emA8FGGH0olFFK2wQdfoj5uuAzSmGaRj3Si4xGGOPnWEY5mhdyHXtg==> feel about this?<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001jsQqg6Qx16VMGr0uoZXc-azF9bUV0hcH_GUDSiS4PAcljfdcI8Bs4wvOR_X2na1NY_TdkHQ6d4dXpV-T9E1cYpl1eguO19dqEJ5m6jvD1p2QLkRG483Hdh_D3LTweWk_OEI-mEleuk9GZrpnfmRzKjIRSa7iv0wW_m_jr48HRK4M6TOUWHyzUax1rb1zyw5e&c=Mrt_mBShc1ZrvnEXwwetvotb5QfRO6TzQfkNsWBfu_Dor_GMrP9Gjw==&ch=emA8FGGH0olFFK2wQdfoj5uuAzSmGaRj3Si4xGGOPnWEY5mhdyHXtg==>


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