[techtalk] WEB TOOL - Stream Your Zoom Meeting (or Webinar) to YouTube

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Greetings and welcome to this week’s issue of Tech-Talk!
Reach more people by streaming Zoom to YouTube




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·     Aug 26: Excel Spreadsheet Manipulation ... Lots of Pages, One Workbook

·     Sept 2: Open Q&A ... WORD

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 This Week's Topic: WEB TOOL

1. ARTICLE & VIDEO ... Stream Your Zoom Meeting (or Webinar) to YouTube
2. COMMUNICATING ... Adding white space in your writing
3. LEADERSHIP ... Do you have a unifying vision?

[Stream Zoom to YouTube]<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=0012HasyzFPRxjuWXCX2jQ32e-iDaOH8KwdtCXL7FFlEVImnkiBaswAu6Ts3gj1cfEcyNokjrUeRLo37tnP8FWdcsmgQLb12QQRjATeTWX3qK6m1GAWKObmhPwYLpskLSciuEL09ElsJGXtL1UzGT2IjGOjLvjGyWS1a-ZfpDpDd267s8vYVINq65yOIl-VbYJIRPEv1CWY7VgDjmsmHEf5qA==&c=Q9EDuHrDj0hbkknKNSfyKIZOTbIh1iPWtaqlY7TG9X2VNl-RXn3suQ==&ch=-idBpZ2VRBLDewP3WaK3iqvvPpOfOipdTiUU8FmLbjV7ZU9IjTk-pA==>

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WEB TOOL - Stream Your Zoom Meeting (or Webinar) to YouTube


We recently had a request from a reader (a librarian in East Greenbush Community Library, NY) for an article about streaming a Zoom meeting live to YouTube. They wanted to do this with their Board Meetings so that more people could attend it virtually.

First of all, let's look at what "streaming from Zoom to YouTube" is. When you have one or more individuals who want to present content to a group of attendees you set up a collaborative, online meeting in a tool like Zoom. If you want a whole lot more people to participate, to see the session, then streaming that meeting into social media makes it possible for people to "attend" on their own time.

This gives your audience choices: 1) Attend through the Zoom link, real-time. In other words, join the meeting as you normally would. 2) Watch the session on YouTube later because it is recording instantly and pushing it out to the social media tool, in this case YouTube. 3) Join the meeting in session a little late so that once you're there in YouTube you have the choice of starting at the beginning and see what you've missed, or scooting the playback up to the point of real-time.

This has lots of possibilities, right? What about a meeting for parents of school kids, a young adults book club or a public library discussion for patrons? These could potentially have a lot of people interested in them. So while the audience would be invited to join the Zoom call (meeting or webinar), not everyone's schedule can accommodate the selected meeting time. Still others may want to join, but will have to be a little late. They'd like to be able to see what they missed.

If you want lots of people to get the information ... by either attending real-time or viewing the session later ... choosing to stream from Zoom to YouTube is a handy technique. Cool, huh?

Technologically speaking, there is typically about a 20-second delay between the Zoom call and the live stream video.

NOTE: Although Zoom lets you live stream to YouTube or Facebook, we're going to focus this article on YouTube. Why? First, our reader specifically asked for "streaming through Zoom to YouTube".

Secondly, and we think this is why the library selected YouTube instead of Facebook, is that it is easier for a broad audience to use! This is because a person doesn't have to have an account to view a YouTube video or live stream. The don't have to be friends with anyone to get to a YouTube video. So it makes viewing less complicated.

And yes, you can live stream from other collaboration meeting tools that Google and Microsoft offer, but that's another day, another time. If you want something specific, just ask. Use the Ask A Question button in Tech-Talk (on the Search page).

A Few Considerations...

·     When you are viewing via YouTube live stream, you can't interact with the Zoom presenter using the Zoom comments or questions feature. However, you can add comments to the YouTube chat. So if you are the presenter pushing your Zoom call out via YouTube, you may want to have an assistant to monitor YouTube comments so that you can address them in the call.

·     If a participant joins the YouTube Zoom live stream after the call has already started, there is an option to rewind to the beginning of the presentation, pause it, or fast-forward to be live.

·     Your YouTube Zoom live stream can be archived to your account for people to watch later – even though it was a "live" event.

So if you are planning a Zoom meeting or webinar and want to reach a broader audience, think about streaming it to YouTube.

IMPORTANT: You need to enable settings in BOTH Zoom and YouTube to be able to live stream.

In the full article you can read here<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=0012HasyzFPRxjuWXCX2jQ32e-iDaOH8KwdtCXL7FFlEVImnkiBaswAu6Ts3gj1cfEcyNokjrUeRLo37tnP8FWdcsmgQLb12QQRjATeTWX3qK6m1GAWKObmhPwYLpskLSciuEL09ElsJGXtL1UzGT2IjGOjLvjGyWS1a-ZfpDpDd267s8vYVINq65yOIl-VbYJIRPEv1CWY7VgDjmsmHEf5qA==&c=Q9EDuHrDj0hbkknKNSfyKIZOTbIh1iPWtaqlY7TG9X2VNl-RXn3suQ==&ch=-idBpZ2VRBLDewP3WaK3iqvvPpOfOipdTiUU8FmLbjV7ZU9IjTk-pA==> we'll walk through:

·     How to activate live streaming in your YouTube account
·     Prerequisites for Zoom Meetings and Webinars
·     Enabling streaming for Zoom MEETINGS at the Account, Team and User levels
·     Enabling streaming for Zoom WEBINARS
·     The steps to live stream a Zoom Meeting or Webinar to YouTube
·     Tips for both BEFORE and AFTER you live stream

Read the Full Article<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=0012HasyzFPRxjuWXCX2jQ32e-iDaOH8KwdtCXL7FFlEVImnkiBaswAu6Ts3gj1cfEcyNokjrUeRLo37tnP8FWdcsmgQLb12QQRjATeTWX3qK6m1GAWKObmhPwYLpskLSciuEL09ElsJGXtL1UzGT2IjGOjLvjGyWS1a-ZfpDpDd267s8vYVINq65yOIl-VbYJIRPEv1CWY7VgDjmsmHEf5qA==&c=Q9EDuHrDj0hbkknKNSfyKIZOTbIh1iPWtaqlY7TG9X2VNl-RXn3suQ==&ch=-idBpZ2VRBLDewP3WaK3iqvvPpOfOipdTiUU8FmLbjV7ZU9IjTk-pA==>


Communications: Writing
Add white space to be more effecive

If you want to increase comprehension of what you are writing, use white space. The more you do that, the higher the understanding!

Not only does the absence of text bring attention to the content that you do have, it also makes reading your selection easier and faster.

When busy people pick up your text they tend to scan first. If they can get more of what you are trying to convey with a quick sweep, everyone wins.

White space does this for you! Look for opportunities to create one-sentence paragraphs!

On top of the functionality, this technique gives your information a sense of elegance and sophistication.


Do you have a unifying vision?

When was the last time you talked about the vision of your organization or team? Maybe you brought it up in an annual retreat or saw it on your website.

When I say vision, I mean something that describes what you ultimately want to achieve. It's how you want to be known by others. It gets you excited.

As a curious consultant, I have often asked anyone I happened onto in life, What’s the vision of your organization?

I would hear things like…
·     Shoes. [from a retail shop person]
·     $2M profit in 4Q. [a corporate executive]
·     I have it, it’s filed in my office. [a senior manager]
·     A vision? [every type of worker]

This concept (a vision) is a powerful strategic tool for any organization, yet it is so seldomly used effectively.

There was a time when defining your mission and vision was the global trend. Hours and days were spent laboring over the exact terminology so that every aspect of what was to be, was captured.

People were confused about the difference between mission and vision (their definitions sounded a lot alike). It seemed like an exercise in futility. You put it on a piece of paper and forgot it. Consequently the whole process has been given less prominence, set aside or just minimized.

More importantly, in many circles, it is often not deemed important that a vision be known, understood and embraced by the workforce.

I would argue differently.

Not having a vision (knowing ultimately what you want to achieve; how you want to be known by others), is like wandering around in the desert at night without a guiding star.

So when employees don't know the vision or don't get uplifted by it, this aspiration becomes burdened in such a way that it can't be fully realized.

Does your organization have a vision? Does it excite you, motivate you?

Comment here<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=0012HasyzFPRxjuWXCX2jQ32e-iDaOH8KwdtCXL7FFlEVImnkiBaswAu6Ts3gj1cfEcYU1mma-08EucBFx4beOtME36iEquOhWRClUbJ-lFNFX_-02qN69b1Dgxce5utn2wTjB0Dyh-rDH3N-Jcg-MSA9vGgfvY-XjdO6L4MMnKhRJHYilCKYBF8-omP-NIOAME&c=Q9EDuHrDj0hbkknKNSfyKIZOTbIh1iPWtaqlY7TG9X2VNl-RXn3suQ==&ch=-idBpZ2VRBLDewP3WaK3iqvvPpOfOipdTiUU8FmLbjV7ZU9IjTk-pA==>. [More on visions to come.]


[Ask a question]<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=0012HasyzFPRxjuWXCX2jQ32e-iDaOH8KwdtCXL7FFlEVImnkiBaswAu0fvrtZ8vCq6ZOQSk2O4UHF76pougjRKksi_VOn9JZqtdOfygCcFOsZ9QqS5ij0IHn86xuLQ11ygwJWSQFsjdQ7hAebSFVx_WDcWipGCD5megXEddm9TVe4=&c=Q9EDuHrDj0hbkknKNSfyKIZOTbIh1iPWtaqlY7TG9X2VNl-RXn3suQ==&ch=-idBpZ2VRBLDewP3WaK3iqvvPpOfOipdTiUU8FmLbjV7ZU9IjTk-pA==>

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