[techtalk] WORD – How to Use the View Side by Side Feature

Darci Hanning darci.hanning at state.or.us
Tue Jun 16 15:23:58 PDT 2020

Greetings and welcome to this week’s issue of Tech-Talk!
Use the side by side feature in Word, Excel & PPT



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·     June 17: How Managers Become Great Leaders ... and How Team Members Can Thrive Even If Weak Leadership (Six Questions To Should Discuss)

·     June 24: Being More Artistic and Efficient in Word (Little-Known Tricks)

·     July 1: 34 Must See, Free Web Tools to Make Work Easier and Fun

·     July 8: Working with SnagIt to Capture Screens and Edit Images (BASIC)

·     July 15: Adding Music & Sound to YouTube Videos, PPTs and G-Slides

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 This Week's Topic: WORD

1. ARTICLE & VIDEO ... How to Use the View Side by Side Feature
2. COMMUNICATING ... Ways to remember these two tricky words
3. LEADERSHIP ... Autocratic manager mode


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WORD – How to Use the "View Side by Side" Feature

Usually I work with dual monitors so that I can spread out different documents and view them on multiple screens. But the other day I was working on just my laptop. I had one document open with ideas that Tech-Talk readers submitted for webinars ... and another Word doc for content planning so that I could easily map the requests to my master file.

Instead of toggling back and forth between the documents, I used the "View Side by Side" feature and it's faster. This way I could see both docs next to each other instead of flipping back and forth between them.

Let's take a look at this feature. And... by the way, it works in PowerPoint and Excel too! NOTE: Both documents need to be the same type, such as two PPTs.

[view side by side]

View Side By Side

First, you need to have both of the Word (or PPT or Excel) documents that you want to view, open.

·     In one of the files, click on View and in the Window section, choose View Side by Side.
·     If you have only two Word docs open, they will now appear side-by side on your screen.
·     If you have three (or more) docs open, a box will appear listing the Word documents (excluding the one you are in).
·     Choose the file you want to be seen alongside of the one you have open and click Ok. Both documents will appear together.

[view side by side]

Now you can work in either one of them, scrolling down to the areas that you want. Then when you want to see only one document again, just maximize it (click the icon in the upper right of the file to the left of the close (X) icon.

Synchronized Scrolling

When you are viewing Side by Side, there are times when you have two almost identical (but not quite) versions of the same document and you want to compare them and make changes.

[Side by Side Feature]


In this case, you'd like the two open documents to scroll down together so that you are looking at the same spot in both files. That's called synchronized scrolling. You can turn it on or off.

CAUTION: When you first turn on the View Side by Side feature, it automatically engages synchronized scrolling. To disengage it, click on the Window icon, and from the drop down menu click on the Synchronized Scrolling option to disengage it.

What About Excel and PowerPoint?

Yes, you can do the same thing in Excel -- though the "side by side" is really shown as "top and bottom," in Landscape view.

And… you can do this in PowerPoint with a slight modification. In the View tab, choose Arrange All instead of Side By Side. However, there is no synchronized scrolling option in PPT.

Does This Work in Google?

Currently, in Google Docs, Sheets or Slides, the View Side-by-Side isn't offered. However, you can open the documents in two different browser windows and then resize the windows manually to fit your screen.
And there is an extension using the Chrome browser to accomplish this. You can view documents (really, browser windows) side by side (or above/below) using the Tab Resize<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001AVdziL_pPChnDdJ1ajBxwnhgUQ2a82vnTmHUZyL7RXhnk7LOS3zfB5sh60dEg2VwF8zexwES29UwZhxnDLHJtE6xE3YkkfKXj_Fn-3nFIokf01ig4c0FXquJY-Up_sHM3-BuXe_9yUfS-JN060pTCkaOam1fOoTRVne_nfzG_iVyCrOqSJIy2ivD8m6COjAJBEYLzywrqCuP4Jfl6PHRKYMq1zHsGT_sWb6tVgPT1fQht6iVxQRizpd56wrYerNs&c=bfqnCCNIvdeYzEP8fZW_87K-dKfRDrXqhmES-HWNK5cBD16vGv8prQ==&ch=QyCRCKHeQgNIesCCzQph2gCcK8aRxA_qJjHQSYjiye0b_3Ne0fA-Mw==> that is available in the Chrome Store.

Options in using the Tab Resize extension.

[resize windows]


Communications: Spelling Pesky Words
How to remember what is correct?

Two words that sort of rhyme: separate and indefinite.

Both of these (especially "separate") are considered one of the most misspelled terms in the English language.

So how can we remember what's right ... instead of looking it up or be embarrassed because we missed a red squiggly line that told us it was incorrect?

How to know if we use an "e," an "a" or an "i"?

Here are a couple of suggestions that may stick in your mind.

·     Definitely and definite: Associate these with the word "finite"

·     Separately and separate: Both have "a rat" in the middle.


Managers in Autocratic Mode

Last week we talked about the four different styles, or rather modes, that a manager or supervisor could be in at any given moment.

Let's look a little bit more at autocratic today.

When the manager is in this mode, he or she has 99 votes; the employee has one. Everything is run by an iron hand. "Do what I say and don't question it."

Here's a true story that shows us this management mode in action.

I was meeting with a patent attorney about my earring travel case invention. But for some reason the conversation veered to my recently published book, "7 Habits of Egalitarian Managers ... Employee Engagement."

I shared the premise with him.

He disagreed with the whole approach and said, "I don’t pay people to think. I pay them to do what I tell them to."

I was astounded at the belief system and the vehemence with which it was spoken.

Of course there are times when an autocratic role is an important approach. Some organizational decisions are based on unique knowledge (or timing) that require a manager to make a unilateral decision. That's autocratic leadership at its best.

However, if the autocratic mode is the primary method of working with a team, results will be lacking and short-lived. Morale will be poor; retention low.

(Missed the first article on this topic? Check it out here<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001AVdziL_pPChnDdJ1ajBxwnhgUQ2a82vnTmHUZyL7RXhnk7LOS3zfB5sh60dEg2VwmJkKzkhGfTraqLa_grxPondqsqeYTJF4VYiHcqtd5dfBRY6vScjHaEo0V-s57Q6bZZDqgKXOkffil4QrKxWTNw5LrAhv1C-Wx8Les2YUOWcK5_R-hUUxEWihuqgG7jvfTJeYCeM1gWPzpgr2t7OdTg==&c=bfqnCCNIvdeYzEP8fZW_87K-dKfRDrXqhmES-HWNK5cBD16vGv8prQ==&ch=QyCRCKHeQgNIesCCzQph2gCcK8aRxA_qJjHQSYjiye0b_3Ne0fA-Mw==>.)


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