[techtalk] WINDOWS – Do You Know about Clipboard “History”?

Darci Hanning darci.hanning at state.or.us
Thu Jun 25 13:50:48 PDT 2020

Greetings and welcome to this week’s issue of Tech-Talk!
The Clipboard History is a hidden gem!



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·     June 24: Little-Known and Really Cool Tricks in Word

·     July 1: 34 Must See, Free Web Tools to Make Work Easier and Fun

·     July 8: Working with SnagIt to Capture Screens and Edit Images (BASIC)

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 This Week's Topic: WINDOWS

1. ARTICLE & VIDEO ... Do You Know about Clipboard “History”?
2. COMMUNICATING ... Fix the conversation, not the person
3. LEADERSHIP ... Democratic manager mode

[Clipboard History]<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001ZyOhbuuVnEhsDw1ciPY2dUZ8Viz1BUaQbt17qACNs5lkIiD_G_nO8MJv9LSYfYcHXHdciycUscT3yIvFiCiq3EhIWjJhBgbP0a2u-F8RDv_c4nMM2gj7ssQ0KhfoiRuaYHEELQWGMixJ6j1s_f4rH5GCJUGlF-LnC96Lv03-lU7-om1vNaLuN4bdG0SiyCDPiNbZzXqFz9c=&c=8YQOH25u8zfdWZvC37aCtK6oxHAbD4thEUqGs8ue6V9bohckKns6AQ==&ch=ZBgYMRDswZPWj0w-QLPvn6YtDObCODMoZZsiSWhqEqAC101MYHpcrg==>

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WINDOWS 10 - Do You Know About Clipboard "History"?

[Copy & Paste]

"You copied data into the clipboard, and accidentally overwrote it ... a couple of minutes ago you copy/pasted some text and now you need it again? ... you know that last week you copied text into an email and you'd like to use it now..." [words from the Clipdiary website].

We've all been there, right?

When we work, we use Ctrl + C (to copy) and Ctrl + V (to paste) all the time. We're using this feature when we're doing research on the web, moving content form a Word doc into an email, and so forth.

You copy one thing … a chunk of text, an image, an email address… and then paste it right away. But what if you do something else n between? You lose the copied content, right? T

Well that's what usually happens ... unless you use the Clipboard History in Windows 10 (or Clipdiary for Windows 7). I just discovered this cool feature; it's been there all along. To me, it's a game changer!

With the Clipboard History function, you aren't limited to pasting the LAST thing you copied. You automatically SAVE multiple items… and use them any time you want later.

And... because it's a function of Windows 10, you can use the Clipboard History tool in anything you're working in... Word/PPT/Excel, a web tool, an email, etc...

How to Use the Clipboard History in Windows 10

If you want to paste something that you copied earlier ... even if you think you've overwritten it, here's the secret: Instead of using Ctrl + V to Paste:

[Windows + V]

·     Click the Windows key + V

·     The Clipboard History window will open.

·     Select which item you want to paste.


[Can't show history]

TIP: The first time you try to access Clipboard History, you may get a "Can't show history" message. Just click on the "Turn on" button to activate it. Or, in the toolbar, type “Clipboard Settings” in the Search window, and make sure it is toggled to On in your computer's settings.

BONUS: Also, in the Clipboard settings window there is an option to "Sync across devices." When you're signed into your Microsoft account and this is turned ON, any text copied to the clipboard is synced to your other devices. For example, if you’re signed into your MS account at work and Copy something -- it will be in your Clipboard on your laptop at home (if you're signed into your MS account.)

[clipboard settings]

How Long Will Your Clipboard History Store Content?

Unfortunately, every time you reboot your computer, your saved clipped history is cleared. However, if you have copied items that you use frequently and want to save them for easy access in the future… you can "pin" the copied content to your Clipboard History.

[pin items]

To Pin copied content:

·     Click the Windows key + V

·     Click the 3 dots (ellipses) next to the item you want to save.

·     From the drop-down menu select Pin.

·     Now your copied item will stay pinned to your Clipboard History even after you shut your computer down.

Your Clipboard History is limited to 25 copied entries. Older items (unless they're pinned) are removed automatically to make room for new items.

Also… notice that when clicking the ellipses next to a copied entry, you have the option to Delete individual items, or Clear all to empty your Clipboard.

Windows 7 - Use the Clipdiary Software

Even if you don't have Windows 10, you can use the third-party piece of software as a clipboard manager called http://clipdiary.com/<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001ZyOhbuuVnEhsDw1ciPY2dUZ8Viz1BUaQbt17qACNs5lkIiD_G_nO8MJv9LSYfYcHVgclY0ds6ZnBE0asC0YvvqcGQ2Bqr7wmgAXVvq21KCJSm4dJXY5UeYBzmK7y4YA6n2-uNLwNyuE=&c=8YQOH25u8zfdWZvC37aCtK6oxHAbD4thEUqGs8ue6V9bohckKns6AQ==&ch=ZBgYMRDswZPWj0w-QLPvn6YtDObCODMoZZsiSWhqEqAC101MYHpcrg==>. It has great reviews! Although it has a small cost, if your organization has nonprofit status ... Clipdiary is free, http://clipdiary.com/register.php#free<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001ZyOhbuuVnEhsDw1ciPY2dUZ8Viz1BUaQbt17qACNs5lkIiD_G_nO8MJv9LSYfYcHyQIwGL38nkDkpk1BttIDp-DbqXyOTZVcBoqvZcsaWaRDb45slQ6F4ru58rSpXnpjX_X2rNFkSVXyDbLFgDSvWPgzMxUzpaLlQZwGYt1axBc=&c=8YQOH25u8zfdWZvC37aCtK6oxHAbD4thEUqGs8ue6V9bohckKns6AQ==&ch=ZBgYMRDswZPWj0w-QLPvn6YtDObCODMoZZsiSWhqEqAC101MYHpcrg==>



Communications: Principle
Fix the conversation, not the person.

In a previous article, we talked about "blaming the process, not the person" when something goes wrong. That was a principle I learned from someone years ago and it's very true. You can go a long way with that belief. It's supporting, it builds morale ... and more importantly it fixes the root problem.

So today's tip is a take off on that. (This one I did think up myself.) It's...

Fix the conversation, not the person.

OK, so what do I mean by this? There are times when you are working with a supervisor who simply does not provide the direction or communication that you need.

You can fuss or give up ... or you can take the initiative with the conversation that you do want.

No I don't mean that you should tell the person that you want more quality action from him or her, but there are six questions around any task or project you're working on ... that you can ask. You'll get good information and perhaps even shape your supervisor into giving you what you need on a regular basis.

What are those six questions? We did a webinar on them, with a great handout.<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001ZyOhbuuVnEhsDw1ciPY2dUZ8Viz1BUaQbt17qACNs5lkIiD_G_nO8MJv9LSYfYcH5fYcXuWo2mvEi5hH5pQs3S5vy8IXqu6dK-NNNS3w6ohvvfeaQZgZ6jOgpI0f-ERLOpuhKTUCkWJ2wH1fp6RBFEKvDyaA_BZ95rYRX6Pk7gF4MstBbv5cqQ==&c=8YQOH25u8zfdWZvC37aCtK6oxHAbD4thEUqGs8ue6V9bohckKns6AQ==&ch=ZBgYMRDswZPWj0w-QLPvn6YtDObCODMoZZsiSWhqEqAC101MYHpcrg==> Take a listen and you'll discover a whole new way to thrive and succeed in your work environment.


Managers in Democratic Mode

When a manager is in democratic mode, they hold off on decisions until there is a majority vote or everyone agrees.

This can drag down initiatives and stall action if used all the time, for every team action.

Certainly, gaining consensus (which we know is different from brainstorming or asking for ideas from everyone) does have its place in leadership. Low risk situations such as the theme for a company picnic or the decor for the employee lounge are great candidates for this approach.

A good manager knows when to dip into democratic mode.

I am talking with Adele who works for the US federal government.
She is frustrated because her manager uses the Democratic approach for everything. No matter the topic, this supervisor would talk to each and every member on the team, trying to gain consensus on every idea. Nothing was ever resolved.
It was endless dialogue with no decision making.
Consequently, individual team members
either took action on their own or gave up, becoming indifferent.


[Ask a question]<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001ZyOhbuuVnEhsDw1ciPY2dUZ8Viz1BUaQbt17qACNs5lkIiD_G_nO8DM6vxcHqdpRr-jtIPkJVmtB7-hgvVONw6i8qV06WB7GmvJF7gClc2DMJh1UruFy0XZXI-OcSK9VBW8vhNXb_F83_GZHRfZPUg12XD1bP5dsL5JK_MGRcqA=&c=8YQOH25u8zfdWZvC37aCtK6oxHAbD4thEUqGs8ue6V9bohckKns6AQ==&ch=ZBgYMRDswZPWj0w-QLPvn6YtDObCODMoZZsiSWhqEqAC101MYHpcrg==>

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