[gis_info] Need for GIS training and Vendors on list serve

Barbara Seekins barbara.seekins at noaa.gov
Wed May 16 09:52:39 PDT 2012

Well said. I suspect Ian's objective was to minimize the somewhat
repetitive emails that had an "advertising" bent. Clear subject lines (as
others have pointed out) and concise, non-repetitive messages may resolve
I also appreciate hearing about conferences, training, and new innovations.

     Barb Seekins

On Wed, May 16, 2012 at 9:42 AM, Rob McDougald <RobMcDougald at geomeridian.com
> wrote:

> My two cents.  I've worked the last 19 years (oh my I'm getting old!) in
> this industry with my time equally split between private vendors and local
> government. I currently work in local government.
> I would be disappointed to see GIS training or conferences banned from
> this list.  We all need to learn new tools, alternative methods, processes,
> and best practices from other industries.  We also need to leverage group
> trainings (and/or conferences) when possible to keep the cost down.  Being
> able to leverage alternative trains or collaborate about training is key
> function of this list.
> I also believe that it is a mistake to ban solutions, products, or vendors
> from this list just because they might be "advertising".  We need to learn
> new things.  We desperately need to innovate.  These providers are a rich
> source of new ideas and innovation.  Not listening to these channels
> is equivalent to operating in a vacuum.  Local government and many of my
> past private clients are in crisis and in need of innovation, better tools,
> processes, and business practices.
> Cutting off our exposure to better training, the best practices of other
> industries or vendor solutions is not going to move our organizations,
> government, or our industry forward.   Now is not the time to do some kind
> of list server book burning or digital witch hunt.
> Please don't screw up this list serve.
> Thanks
> Rob
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