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Wed May 16 13:01:01 PDT 2012

Forwarding for a subscriber who was having problems with the listserv


    I'm fairly new to this list, just a few months, and lately have been
ignoring emails from this list because of the high percentage of spam
involved -- as we've seen again today. I'm wondering if there's an easy
techno-fix to the problem. One possibility would be to ban all messages
which have anything other than text or links in them. That is, ban
anything with graphics.  That would have eliminated some of the worst
recent stuff yet would still allow postings along the line of "Hey --
neat conference coming up, click here for details"  messages. Another
possibility would be to ban messages over a certain length -- again
trying to bias the content to the core message while providing links to
folks who want more information. Either or both of these, if they could
be implemented, would greatly increase the overall value the list
without unduly burdening folks with real messages of interest to the

= M =


Michael Van Waas    User Driven Applications 
64274 Keith Court     Bend, Oregon 97701 


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