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I'm a little Dell biased, but I've bought almost 20 Dell's in the last 12
years and have been very happy. So if you decide to go Dell, one thing I
suggest is not buying the cheapest in-store model. I would order directly
from Dell and use their Small Business sales force. You only need to be a
'business' of one person (me) to qualify. 


Here's the deal that I learned by buying a number of machines. If you buy a
Dell through Walmart, Costco, Best Buy, etc. you might get a great price
because Dell constructs these machines for that client in large quantities.
They go out for parts low-bid for that group of machines. So one e6530 from
Costco is not the same parts as one from Walmart or even one bought through
Dell consumer! If you purchase through the business group, the machines are
standardized (or at least better) AND they have higher quality components.
So, if you purchase an e6530 through the business group, it does not have
the same components. WHAT? YOU SAY??? 


The consumer grade markets demand "fast, light, cheap". That's what is
offered. The business grade machines are "fast, strong, reliable". They're
heavier built, which improves reliability immensely! So you'll pay some in
weight. Other model numbers may be offered instead of the e6530. 


Anyway, I've found that the Dell business group treats me VERY well, the
machines have been solid and the sales people all speak English as a first
language! (Sorry, I don't mean to Diss anyone. but sometimes an accent is
just too difficult for me to understand.) Yes, the machines are a bit more
expensive. about $50 to $100 more, but I get exactly what I want.
Additionally, they often throw in some extras (particularly if you're nice
and like to chat) for free! I've gotten all sorts of extras that aren't
listed on the normal parts list just by telling them what I do, that I'm a
small company struggling along, etc., etc. 


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I'm hoping someone out there might have some insight on a recommendation for
a new GIS laptop. Generally looking for something with some kick, but I'm
not running GIS processes that are going to be setting any records. I'm
considering a Dell Latitude e6530 and the Lenovo ThinkPad W530.  I've had a
trusted tech friend suggest leaning away from Lenovo but two GIS colleagues
strongly recommending them.  Is there a consensus out there on Lenovo as
being solid or best to avoid?  Thanks for any input- folks can just respond
to me and I'll send out a single email with any feedback if there's

Erik Fernandez
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Oregon Wild, formerly ONRC
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