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In today's computer market, most companies use the same few parts manufacturers for the internal components.  Some people have better experience with one company or another so I never decide purely on the brand.  I would look for what best fits your needs.  If you buying a laptop because you need to use the computer on the go and you are looking for great battery life, then make sure you look for a computer with the new Intel Haswell Chipset.  The new Haswell line uses far less power than the previous Intel chipsets and should add hours to your battery life per charge.  I also recommend a solid state hard drive if you can afford the option.  These drives are much faster than hard disk drives and it might be the factor that gives your computer the extra "kick".  Solid state drives also do not have moving parts which should several reduce the risk of hard drive failure (the most frequent part in a computer to go bad is a hard disk drive due to constant moving parts and vibration).

I personally have had a Lenovo Thinkpad (motherboard failed after 4 years), a Sony Viao (going 5 years strong), and a MacBook Pro (video card died and was replaced for free the same day at an Apple Store).  The MacBook Pro has been my personal choice so far but it is not a great option if you plan to use ESRI products.

I hope this helps!

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I'm hoping someone out there might have some insight on a recommendation for a new GIS laptop. Generally looking for something with some kick, but I'm not running GIS processes that are going to be setting any records. I'm considering a Dell Latitude e6530 and the Lenovo ThinkPad W530.  I've had a trusted tech friend suggest leaning away from Lenovo but two GIS colleagues strongly recommending them.  Is there a consensus out there on Lenovo as being solid or best to avoid?  Thanks for any input- folks can just respond to me and I'll send out a single email with any feedback if there's consensus.

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