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Esri is planning to release an update to ArcGIS Online in a couple of days.
September 22 to be exact. Since ArcGIS Online is a cloud based application
everyone using this service will be getting this update automatically
without any need to download and install a patch or service pack. 


So what will be included as part of this update:


Improved Feature Layers - Esri is promising to improve the user experience
when working with hosted feature layers. You will be able to update the
layer through the My Content page and maintain the item URL and details.
This should make these layers easier to manage and update. 


Additional Privileges for Custom User Roles - Esri is adding some additional
custom privileges that can be assigned to named users in ArcGIS Online for
your organization. This will include managing licenses and performing
elevation analysis. Managing licenses will apply to Esri's newest product
under development, ArcGIS Pro. ArcGIS Pro is still in beta testing but will
be heavily integrated with ArcGIS Online. Based on my working with the
ArcGIS Pro beta, I would equate it to an updated version of the old ArcView
GIS platform many of us knew and loved in the past. It is something I am
excited to see released. 


Additional Analysis Capability - Esri will be adding some enhancements to
the analysis tools within ArcGIS Online.  The Aggregate Points, Summarize
Nearby and Summarize Within tools are being enhanced. These tools will allow
you to find the minority and majority of grouped values and to calculate
their percentages. The Plan Routes tool is also being updated so it will
include numbered labels along the route displaying the stop sequence on the


Sharing Open Data - Earlier this year Esri rolled out the concept of open
data within ArcGIS Online. This new release will include a new site which
will allow your to more easily find open data. It will also allow you to see
new charts and graphs. This new site will also support CSV files and include
an improved user experience for admins. 


ArcGIS Online App Templates - Esri continues to update and modernize many of
the web application templates available through ArcGIS Online. These
templates allow you to quickly and easily deploy web applications without
requiring a lot of programming or heavy customization. For this newest
edition of ArcGIS Online, the Filter & Find, Edit and Filter templates will
be updated with a redesigned configuration pane. GeoForms will also be fully
supported in this new release. GeoForm allows users to edit feature data in
a form instead of having to use a pop-up window which can play havoc with
some browser security settings. 


Basemaps, Imagery and Demographics - This is more of an ongoing update than
directly tied to this new release of ArcGIS Online but does bear mentioning.
Over this summer Esri has been working to increase and update the maps and
data that you can access through ArcGIS.  This has included adding new
services such as the NAIP, USGS Historical Topo Maps and more. To see a
complete list of all that Esri now has available, click here
t=article&utm_campaign=AGOL_news_09_2014> . 


That covers the major enhancements you can expect to be included in the
upcoming release of ArcGIS Online in a few days. To see what was added in
the most recent past updates you can go to:


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