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Oregon GIS Framework Newsletter   [cid:image003.jpg at 01CFD895.AFA5A930]

September, 2014

Issue Number 2

In This Issue

*    Featured Framework Data Element: Oregon Stewardship

*    Recent FIT Activity

*    November 5th Framework Forum

*    Upcoming FIT meetings

*    A Word from the Framework Coordinator

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Summer was a Busy Time for Framework

Welcome to the Fall 2014 issue of the Oregon GIS Framework Newsletter.  Summer can mark a quiet time for some, but not for Framework! A big thank you goes out to all of you who participated in numerous FIT efforts that took place over the summer.  Fall looks to be even busier as we continue to refine geospatial data standards and definitions, hold a Framework Forum in November, work to make more data available on the Oregon Spatial Data Library<http://spatialdata.oregonexplorer.info/geoportal/catalog/main/home.page> data portal, and travel down the path of realizing the vision of Oregon's GIS Framework.

Featured Framework Data Element: Oregon Stewardship


The Oregon Biodiversity Information Center (ORBIC), part of the Institute for Natural Resources (INR) within the Oregon University System, has been the steward of Oregon's protected areas data since 1989. This geodatabase<http://spatialdata.oregonexplorer.info/geoportal/catalog/search/resource/details.page?uuid=%7B34F0B269-5931-4DBF-824E-0334FB79D3CF%7D>, which is an element of the Bioscience theme, represents the most recent Oregon version of the protected areas database, which will be submitted to the USGS PADUS<http://gapanalysis.usgs.gov/PADUS/> program for upload to their site. PADUS will modify this geodatabase by removing the Oregon-specific fields and making additional edits according to the national PADUS standards and procedures. Modifications made by the USGS will be incorporated into the Oregon stewardship database as needed when new versions are released. New data in Oregon on conservation easements and recently developed protected area maps from local land trusts and county and city governments were incorporated in 2011-2013. The result is a very comprehensive map and protected areas database for Oregon. Updates and edits will continue to be made to improve the dataset.

A Summary of Framework Activity this Summer
The award for the busiest FIT group this summer probably should go to the Elevation FIT<http://www.oregon.gov/DAS/CIO/GEO/pages/fit/elevation/elevframe.aspx> including their Data Acquisition Advisory Committee.  This group, convened in the spring, swiftly formed to write a prioritization plan<http://www.oregon.gov/DAS/CIO/GEO/fit/elevation/docs/OregonLidarCollectionPrioritizationPlan.pdf> for collecting lidar data in Oregon.  A statewide lidar acquisition plan is a key component in Oregon's proposal to the USGS 3DEP funding opportunity this fall.  The plan was finalized at their meeting on August 7; see meeting minutes here<http://www.oregon.gov/DAS/CIO/GEO/fit/elevation/docs/DAAC%20meeting%20Aug%207%202014%20notes_final.pdf>.
This summer we also had a meeting of the Soils Workgroup<http://www.oregon.gov/DAS/CIO/GEO/fit/geoscience/docs/Soils%20Workgroup%20Meeting%20Notes%209_03_14.pdf>, where Steve Campbell of the NRCS previewed a new statewide soils framework layer. This dataset will combine SSURGO and STATSGO soils data into a single geodatabase and include an accompanying attribute database for use in the Soil Data Viewer application or standalone usage.
Another workgroup that was active this summer was the Metadata Workgroup.  They met in June<http://www.oregon.gov/DAS/CIO/GEO/fit/metadata/Metadata%20Workgroup%20Meeting%20Notes%206_5_14.pdf> and again in July<http://www.oregon.gov/DAS/CIO/GEO/fit/metadata/Metadata%20Workgroup%20Meeting%203%20Notes%207_30_14.pdf>, carefully reviewing elements of the FGDC Content Standard for Digital Geospatial Metadata with the goal of revising and clarifying the Oregon geospatial metadata standard.
The statewide address repository project kicked off its three-county pilot project this summer.  In August, I delivered a status update presentation<http://www.oregon.gov/DAS/CIO/GEO/fit/preparedness/docs/WVGISUG_Aug_2014_AddressingProject.pptx> at the Willamette Valley GIS Users Group meeting in Salem.
The Emergency Preparedness<http://www.oregon.gov/DAS/CIO/GEO/pages/fit/preparedness/prepfitframe.aspx> FIT met in Portland in June to discuss, among numerous topics, their current data catalog project.  Meeting minutes can be found here<http://www.oregon.gov/DAS/CIO/GEO/fit/preparedness/docs/Prep-FIT%20Meeting%20Notes%206-17-2014.pdf>.
Finally, an important convening of the Hazards FIT<http://www.oregon.gov/DAS/CIO/GEO/pages/fit/hazards/hazardsfitframe.aspx> occurred at the end of August.  During this meeting, DLCD's Information Management Modernization Initiative (IMMI) advisory committee joined the Hazards FIT to make a request for a better defined and documented process for designating specific datasets to represent framework elements and getting these datasets published to the Oregon Spatial Data Library as well as other portals and viewers.  Notes from that meeting can be found here<http://www.oregon.gov/DAS/CIO/GEO/fit/hazards/docs/Joint%20Hazards%20FIT%20and%20DLCD%20IMMI%20PAC%20meeting%20August%2027%202014.pdf>.
These are too recent to include in this newsletter, but late September was very active for the Framework Program.  The Imagery<http://www.oregon.gov/DAS/CIO/GEO/pages/fit/orthoimagery/orthoframe.aspx> FIT met on September 18th, the Metadata Workgroup met September 23rd, a new effort to explore the potential of a public buildings data workgroup was kicked off September 23rd, and the FIT Leads group met September 24th.  See the GEO<http://www.oregon.gov/DAS/CIO/GEO/Pages/index.aspx> web site for meeting notes and other information about these late breaking activities.
Mark Your Calendars: Framework Forum November 5th
We will be meeting at the beautiful Silver Falls Lodge and Conference Center<http://www.silverfallslodge.com/> on 11/5/2014.  The meeting, which will be held in the Smith Creek Meeting Hall, begins at 10:00AM and concludes at 4:00PM.  We'll have coffee and light refreshments beginning at 9:00AM for those who wish to arrive early and enjoy the surroundings.  The agenda is still being finalized, check the GEO website for more information.
Upcoming FIT Meetings:
Hydrography FIT, October 8, 9:30am - 11:30am at OWRD, 725 Summer Street, room 124A
Watch the GEO Events Calendar<http://www.oregon.gov/DAS/CIO/GEO/pages/geoCal.aspx> for more announcements
A Word from the Framework Coordinator:
When I began the job of Framework Coordinator last year, I had a lot of catching up to do.  The Framework Program had been around for almost 14 years.  Hundreds of people were involved in FIT activities.  Two dozen standards had been developed.  Dozens of datasets were published to the OSDL or otherwise made available through other channels.  It was a bit overwhelming, but by the time this summer came around I felt I had a pretty good grasp on where we've been.  Now it is time to look toward the future to determine where we are going with Framework.  We will kick off this discussion at the November forum at Silver Falls.  While the program is currently healthy, much has changed in the way geospatial data are developed and disseminated and the Framework Program will need to grow along with changes in technology and needs.  One thing remains clear though; the Framework Program is here to serve the broad GIS community in Oregon and will only function effectively if this GIS community is actively involved in the program.  I encourage all of you who are not yet part of a FIT team to consider becoming more active.  Framework offers opportunities for GIS professionals in Oregon to gain valuable leadership experience as a FIT Chair or Workgroup Lead.   Framework forums are good opportunities for you to elevate your profile amongst the GIS community in Oregon.  Or if you prefer to work behind the scenes, perhaps stepping up to become a data steward for an unserved framework element is something you and your agency would be interested in.  Please do not hesitate to contact either myself or any of the FIT theme chairs if you would like to become more involved. Have a great fall!

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