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*GeoLeague Challenge*

This will mark the sixth year of the GeoLeague Challenge to be held at the
ASPRS Annual Conference in April 2016.  Teams from across the country
compete in a challenge put forth by the ASPRS Student Advisory Council
(SAC).  Please review the challenge and the rules for 2016. This year’s
challenge is to use freely available imagery to produce an innovative
visualization product featuring the national park of your choice. This
challenge celebrates the 100 year anniversary of the National Park Service!

In celebration of the upcoming National Park Service Centennial, the
National Park Foundation and the National Park Service kicked off the Find
Your Park movement to inspire all people to connect with, enjoy, and
support America’s national parks. They invite those who already know and
love the parks and also the next generation of visitors, supporters, and
advocates to join the movement at FindYourPark.com

There are 407 national parks and the SAC is challenging you to pick one and
create a visualization product that highlights its unique features.
Examples include:

●       Time series animation

●       GIS fly through

●       Online story map

●       Image based structure from motion

●       3D model

*Participation Guidelines*

Form a group of 3-5 undergraduate and/or graduate students and a faculty
advisor in your region (at least 3 students must be ASPRS student members
by the registration deadline and remain student members through the Annual
Conference). If you have trouble meeting this requirement, please feel free
to contact us. You may also ask for guidance from ASPRS members in your
surrounding communities.

*To be eligible to compete, please submit a completed registration form by
February 26, 2016: *

*Project Deliverables and Deadlines*

1)   Visualization product

2)   Brief report including background, objective, method, and a
description of the final product.

3)  At least one representative from each team will be required to attend
the 2016 Annual ASPRS Conference in Fort Worth on April 11-15th to present
the final product.

*All materials must be submitted via Google Drive link to
**asprsstudentcouncil at gmail.com
<asprsstudentcouncil at gmail.com> by 11:59 pm EST on March 25th, 2016*


The products will be evaluated both before and during the 2016 ASPRS Annual
Conference by judges from different sectors of the geospatial industry
(Government Employees, Students, Private Sector Employees, Faculty, etc.).

*End Product (Visualization) – 50 pts*

*Creativity – 20 pts*

*Technical/scientific merit – 20 pts*

*Project Report – 10 pts*


Certificate, a published Highlight Article in PE&RS, and many more prizes
to be announced.


Please contact the ASPRS SAC Deputy Chair if you have any questions:

Caren Remillard, ASPRS Student Advisory Council Deputy Chair

David Alvarez


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