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Wed Dec 30 12:34:19 PST 2015


I'm new to the list and could use some advice. I've been asked to do a quick book talk for 3rd grade classes, which are doing a unit on biographies. This will be my first book talk (though as a fiction writer I've definitely done my share of pitching book ideas). 

If I were talking about a select group of books, I would obviously pre-read them and then come up with hooks of why they'd be fun to read. 

A general subject like biography, however, seems to dictate a different, perhaps more general approach? I'm definitely reading some biographies but if I talk about 3 or 4 even, it's likely the students won't be able to check out those particular ones I'd pinpoint--the elementary school's library doesn't usually have multiple copies of most of them. 

There are, of course, more than one volume on major figures like Abraham Lincoln or Helen Keller, but many times those volumes aren't duplicate copies, but another author's version.

Don't, however, want to spend all my time telling them why they *should* want to read biographies. And as a part-timer, I don't have time to read all the books in the school's 921 section! 😉 

Any advice, direction to good resources, or suggestions welcome.

Thanks, and happy new year!
Debbie Pfeiffer
Library project coordinator 
Harney County Library
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