[kids-lib] 2020 & 2021 Summer Reading Update

Greta Bergquist greta.bergquist at state.or.us
Mon Dec 16 09:26:47 PST 2019

Dear Oregon libraries,

I wanted to send a summer reading update after my November communication<https://drive.google.com/open?id=18-JrmCQ79iCwUnXEn1DSgvOpmwiK0UM4> about the CSLP graphics and materials for Summer Reading 2020.

Since that time, CSLP has worked to listen to input and respond to the concerns raised. You can read the CSLP response here<https://drive.google.com/open?id=17zl_9MjqMmlDfZHGmgRN2fMBMRRaQfxB>.

Please use your best judgment when you purchase and use CSLP materials for summer reading, the same way do you for any library materials. CSLP has made images available that show three contemporary children reading a book together, which is an effective, general image that works well with the theme "Imagine Your Story."  There are so many ways to take this theme forward positively, from teen writing workshops to creative play for toddlers. I am looking forward to seeing the many ways your libraries will support kids, teens, and families this coming summer.

Due to the significant discrimination concerns raised this year, in previous years, and because CSLP has yet to make changes ensuring better representation in the future, I have taken this as an opportunity to assess our summer reading offerings and evaluate other options.

Your OLA Summer Reading Representatives and I have been researching alternatives to CSLP for Summer 2021. We have taken an extensive look at iREADS<https://www.ireadprogram.org/>, which offers a similar summer reading theme, manual, and graphics program. Things we find compelling about iREADS include:

*        iREADS themes always include the word "library," "book", "read", or "reading."

*        iREADS intends to provide resources suitable for all sizes of libraries, including rural, urban, and suburban settings.

*        There are four different artists selected to convey the theme each year. We know artwork is subjective and people may have different opinions about it. Having four options allows libraries to have choice while still allowing us to continue a statewide theme.

*        All artwork included in the iREADS resource guide may be used in any way libraries see fit to promote your reading program, for example, on book bags sourced from a local vendor. Your library, Friends of the Library, or Library Foundation may also use the graphic materials on any items that may be sold to raise funds for the library's programs. There is no time limit imposed on this, so if for example you wanted to use iREADS graphics to promote a winter break reading program, you would be free to do so.

After considering our options in consultation with the Children's Services Division and OYAN Boards, we have decided to transition to using iREADS materials for 2021. We anticipate more information coming in January about iREADS. Like any transition to a new program or ILS, we recognize there may be unanticipated consequences of our decision. If you have any concerns or suggestions, the best way to let us know is in this feedback form: https://forms.gle/29HYX2PNLi7FqjME8

We understand a new product will not magically solve the work we do around ensuring summer reading meets the needs of all our communities. We do feel iREADS will offer us a more inclusive option for 2021 and 2022. We plan on evaluating iREADS early and often, and look forward to the feedback we will get from you about how it works for your communities.  I truly appreciate the thoughtful consideration you, your staff, and volunteers bring to ensuring all your kids see themselves reflected in their library spaces and materials.

Thank you again for all the effort and time you spend making summers meaningful for kids, teens, and families in your communities. The work you do is invaluable and I am so thankful for it.



Greta Bergquist
Youth Services Consultant
503-378-2528 | www.oregon.gov/library<https://www.oregon.gov/library>
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