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The ALA Public Information Office and the Office for Research & 
Statistics are preparing to release the 2009 Public Library Funding & 
Technology Access Study on Tuesday, September 15, and are seeking 
"real-life" stories to include as part of our pitch focusing on 
increased library use -- including technology use -- particularly for 
job-seeking and e-government.


There are a few different ways that you might be able to be part of our 
national pitch:

·         Have you partnered with a local/state government agency to 
provide information or training in job-seeking or government services 
(including unemployment benefits, Medicare sign-up, etc.)? Would your 
government partner or local elected official be willing to talk about 
the impact of this initiative?

·         Do you have a patron or patrons that would be willing to talk 
about how the library helped connect him/her with government information 
or services or helped him/her get employment?

·         Have you seen increased use of library technology in the past 
year (including computer sign-ups, wireless usage, database use, 
circulation of electronic materials, etc.)? Please be specific.

·         Have you made changes in how you deploy your technology in the 
past year to assist with job-seeking and/or e-gov (including creating a 
job center, bringing back old computers to meet increased demand, 
offering new computer/Web classes, etc)?

If you have any information along these lines, we'd love to hear from 
you. We understand this story has been told to a certain extent, but 
know that compelling human interest can always attract attention. We 
also hope the e-government angle may provide a bit of a fresh 
perspective and help us raise awareness among elected officials. 
Government trade media will be part of our target audience for the pitch.


Please send information to Larra Clark at lclark at ala.org 
<mailto:lclark at ala.org> by August 25.  Thanks in advance!




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