[Libs-Or] Suggestions for library program on Facebook?

Dolores Knight dknight at cclsd.org
Wed Oct 26 17:41:52 PDT 2011

 I teach a Facebook class and yes I set up a dummy account just for the 
 purposes of teaching the class.  My demo account is the personal type as 
 the accounts for organizations/business don't work the same and won't 
 provide the interactions you are trying to teach them.

 I have them 'friend' my demo account with the understanding that I'm 
 going to 'unfriend' them at the end of the class, again so that their 
 privacy will be protected.  I explain this so there won't be any hurt 
 feelings because I have unfriended them.  By unfriending them I also 
 break the tenuous connection they had with the other students.  The 
 practice during class of friending and seeing comments, and then the 
 comments from strangers they aren't friends with, is what brings home to 
 them how open Facebook can be.  And many won't understand Facebook's 
 process until then.

 For my printed handout and PowerPoint demo I use screenshots with the 
 personal bits blurred out if I've swiped them from my home account and 
 it reveals a real person's name.  While teaching I switch quickly from 
 the live demo account to these saved images in my PowerPoint.

 I do find the demo account to be pretty sparse given the inactivity, 
 which can make it difficult to fully demonstrate what Facebook can do 
 for them.  I plan to add content and additional photos to liven it up 
 before I next teach this class.  That said, all you can really do is 
 help them get their accounts set up, at least encourage them to set 
 privacy limits, and give them some idea of what they can do with the 
 account.  Be prepared to explain what the attraction of Facebook is and 
 why on earth they would want to use it.  My students range from 60-90+ 
 years old (75 ave.?) and while they may be pressured by younger 
 relatives to join, they don't necessarily see its purpose.

 And allow lots of time to teach this class.  I plan to split mine into 
 two (or more) parts the next time I teach it.  When I have an assistant 
 I offer to have their picture taken with the library's digital camera 
 and then show them how to transfer and post pictures to their accounts.  
 Then how to set a profile picture.  For many that's all they really want 
 from the class so doing it as a stand alone session would be easier on 

 Oh and make sure everyone who comes ALREADY has an email account since 
 they cannot sign up for Facebook without one.  If you have extra time at 
 the beginning and/or an assistant you can set them up quick with Yahoo 
 but it's a delay to getting the class moving.  I try to talk to all the 
 students who sign up so they know in advance that they need a web 
 accessible email account.  I even offer to help them test their email 
 accounts on the library's computers.  It really will speed things along 
 on class day.

 Hope this helps...

 On Tue, 25 Oct 2011 18:37:54 -0700, Kirsten Brodbeck-Kenney wrote:
> I am planning on doing an "Intro to Facebook" program here at the
> library next month, and I'm gathering ideas. I've already figured out
> that I'm probably going to have to create a dummy account in order to
> protect my privacy and that of my friends (or use screenshots with
> specific information blurred out). Have any of you done similar
> programs? What worked, what didn't?
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