[Libs-Or] A poem for the occasion

Elizabeth M. Rivera erivera at cclsd.org
Wed Jun 11 09:50:48 PDT 2014

I'll also chime in and say that this is the ONLY time ever I've seen a 
conversation on a mailing list evolve and raise the level of discussion 
rather than the usual descent into madness.  Good job, everyone.  
Caleb's suggestion for adding some of these issues to RFP processes in 
particular has really got me thinking.  I certainly would love to see 
more of this conversation, as others have expressed.  I now for a Puerto 
Rican it's been quite a shock moving here, diversity wise.  On the other 
hand, this is a long conversation to have.  Is there another place where 
we could go to discuss diversity issues in Oregon libraries?


Elizabeth M. Rivera
Library Assistant
Coquille Public Library
105 N Birch St
Coquille OR 97423

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