[Libs-Or] A poem for the occasion

Cynthia Thiessen cthiessen at cityofsalem.net
Wed Jun 11 11:39:52 PDT 2014

For those Oregon librarians who are Spanish-speakers, or who are interested in issues re. Latino issues in libraries, don't forget the organization REFORMA - there is national and regional membership.  And check out April postings, [Libs-Or] REFORMA meeting 
( http://listsmart.osl.state.or.us/pipermail/libs-or/2014-April/007597.html)  for those interested in an Oregon chapter.

Cynthia Thiessen
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"Knowledge will forever govern ignorance; 
and a people who mean to be their own governours, 
must arm themselves with the power which knowledge gives."

James Madison, over the Library of Congress

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