[Libs-Or] keep conversations about lack of diversity on the main listserv Re: A poem for the occasion

Steve Silver ssilver at nwcu.edu
Thu Jun 12 08:44:18 PDT 2014

Sue, I think this is an excellent idea and worth exploring.

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Subject: Re: [Libs-Or] keep conversations about lack of diversity on the main listserv Re: A poem for the occasion

Yes, I agree. Thank you Marta.

I enjoy the conversations on ideas, especially around the tough topics. Perhaps we should institute a monthly discussion on a difficult topic, just for the learning experience of it?

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Subject: Re: [Libs-Or] keep conversations about lack of diversity on the main        listserv Re: A poem for the occasion
Thank you Marta, most eloquently stated.

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Subject: [Libs-Or] keep conversations about lack of diversity on the main listserv Re: A poem for the occasion

Hi everyone,

Please keep conversations about diversity and other tough topics on Libs-Or.

Conversations about racism/lack of diversity, poverty, sexism, and other tough issues are difficult. They are supposed to be.

Hopefully, they inspire us to work past our discomfort in the words we might use to express ourselves and even past any feelings of helplessness we might have to figure out as individuals, as libraries or library systems to support and encourage ourselves and our colleagues to build greater diversity in our profession and by example support diversity in our communities.

It's too easy to silo topics. As professionals and residents of the 21st Century, we are buried with information. As a result, we make choices about what we read and what groups and listservs we belong to.

I joined this listserv when I enrolled in Emporia's Portland cohort, even though I live and work in Washington. I remain a member because of the fabulous discourse, information and support on various topics. If I had a question, I know my Oregon library colleagues would generously help. That's the way things roll on Libs-Or. We don't have a listserve like this in Washington. (I'm on a WLA committee that is working to change that.)

Racism may not overtly thrive in our communities like it did just a couple of decades ago, but it still lurks under the surface. I've heard library patrons grumble about other patrons who speak Spanish, Vietnamese or Ukrainian. I've heard Anglo fishermen cursing indigenous peoples for winning a lawsuit 40 years ago that made it clear tribal people have the right to fish in Washington state. I used to live in Mount Vernon where one in three people are Hispanic and one in three speaks another language at home, but a few years ago a mayor (now former) prevented the library from continuing to the word biblioteca when the aging sign was replaced.

If tough issues like racism and lack of diversity leave Libs-Or to move to another listserve or blog, then lack of diversity and racism stop being part of the mainstream conversation.

Thank you for a discussion that knocked me out of the mad scramble of summer reading and made me think about better ways to serve my colleagues and more importantly my community.



Marta Murvosh, MLS
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Subject: Re: [Libs-Or] A poem for the occasion

I think that libs-or is a fine place to have a discussion about diversity issues in Oregon libraries, long or otherwise.  As far as I know, there is no other forum that is common to all libraries in Oregon.

Jane Salisbury
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