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Subject: [alacro-l] Ask Your Senators to Support Workforce Innovation and
Opportunity Act (WIOA).
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Please contact your United States Senators today
<http://cqrcengage.com/ala/app/make-a-call?4&engagementId=53095> and urge
them to support the passage of the *Workforce Innovation and Opportunity
Act* (WIOA).

This legislation is a bipartisan agreement that would reauthorize the
Investment Act* (WIA).  WIOA, which is expected to be on the Senate floor
sometime the week of* 6-23* and has the following provisions supporting
public libraries:

*Title I – Workforce Development Activities*

   - *Allows public libraries to be considered additional One-Stop
   partners.*  Meaning that Libraries will now have access to federal
   funding for job training and job search programs.
   - *Functions of the State and Local Workforce Development Board.  *State
   and Local Workforce Boards must include plans to improve digital literacy
   skills at One-Stop delivery systems.
   - *Prohibits federal supervision or control over selection of library
   - *Allowable Statewide Employment and Training Activities.*  Authorizes
   adult education and literacy activities provided by public libraries as an
   allowable statewide employment and training activity.

*Title II – Adult Education and Literacy*

   - *Definition of Workforce Preparation Activities.  *Includes a
   definition of “workforce preparation activities” that specifically includes
   digital literacy skills.

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