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Suzanne L. Sager


Senate Leaders Rush End-Run on Personal Privacy

Apparently, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and Senate
Intelligence Committee Chairman Richard Burr (R-NC) learned nothing from
the overwhelming outpouring of opposition to the worst of the USA PATRIOT
Act earlier this month that led to passage of the USA FREEDOM Act.  They’re
using the Senate Rules to try to ram through –- *as early as tomorrow* --
frankly awful, privacy-hostile legislation that’s received no public
hearing or Senate floor debate as an amendment to a Department of Defense
funding measure.  The bill, innocuously dubbed the Cybersecurity
Information Sharing Act (“CISA”), would expose enormous amounts of your
personal data to federal, state, and even local law enforcement … without a
warrant!  Along with many coalition partners, ALA strongly opposed CISA in
a letter to Senate leaders
last March.

Sometimes, you just can’t explain anything better than a colleague and Gabe
Rottman of the ACLU’s Washington Office rang out an alarm yesterday (with
many links to detailed background information) about this issue and the
immediate procedural threat in the Senate as clear as the Liberty Bell:

“So, what does the bill . . . do? It’s a surveillance bill, pure and
simple. It says that any and all privacy laws, including laws requiring a
warrant for electronic communications, and those that protect financial,
health or even video rental records, do not apply when companies share
‘cybersecurity’ information, broadly defined, with the government.”

Please, take a minute to read his “*Playing Politics With Cybersecurity and
now.  Then, take just 60 more seconds to contact your Senators immediately
<http://cqrcengage.com/ala/home> with a simple message:

“VOTE NO on the ‘Burr Amendment’ to the defense bill -- or on any such
“information sharing” bill without full public hearings and Senate debate.”


ALERT: Stop Stealth Move in Senate to Authorize Warrantless Assault on Your


We knew when the USA FREEDOM Act passed earlier this month that there would
be much more work to do to “on offense” to pass more and badly needed
surveillance law reforms.  Courtesy of a stealth move by the Senate
Majority Leader and Intelligence Committee Chair, however, our first
efforts need to be “on defense” and they need to be NOW.  Under cover of a
bill claimed to simply permit internet, phone and other companies to share
cybersecurity threat information with the government, they’re trying to
authorize the NSA, CIA, FBI and many others to share vast amounts of your
personal information with law enforcement agencies at every level of
government with way too few controls and too little oversight.  Worse,
they’re trying to ram this invasive bill through the Senate as early as
this week without a single public hearing or real debate as an amendment to
unrelated legislation.

STOP THEM NOW!  Please, click here now <http://cqrcengage.com/ala/home> to
tell both of your Senators to VOTE NO on the ‘Burr Amendment’ to the
defense authorization bill -- or on any information sharing bill without
full public hearings and Senate debate.


Dear Senator:  I care deeply about my personal privacy . . . and I vote.  I
also think we need to protect our communications networks from “cyber”
threats.  BUT . . . passing a dangerously overbroad bill like the
Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act, particularly without a single public
hearing or a chance for real debate by the full Senate, is not the way to
balance civil liberties and security.  Please, VOTE NO on the ‘Burr
Amendment’ to the defense authorization bill -- or on any “cybersecurity”
or “information sharing” bill without full public hearings and Senate
debate.  Thank you.

Suzanne L. Sager
Oregon ALA Representative
Portland State University Library
PO Box 1151
Portland, OR  97207-1151

Phone: 503-725-8169
Fax: 503-725-5799

email: sagers at pdx.edu
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