[Libs-Or] Round Two: ACRL-OR Professional Development Scholarship

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Applications for Round Two of the new Professional Development Scholarship are due on July 31, 2016.
This scholarship is available only to ACRL-OR/OLA Academic Division members in good standing (join now<https://ola.memberclicks.net/join-now> to be eligible).  Up to three $250 scholarships will be awarded annually. Applications are accepted at three points throughout the year (see below for specific deadlines). Applications will be reviewed within two weeks after the application deadline.
How can the scholarship be used?

The ACRL-OR Professional Development Scholarship may be used toward conferences, workshops, courses, seminars, or other learning opportunities (including e-learning opportunities) appropriate to the applicant. The funding priority is registration and transportation costs incurred by the applicant.

Professional Development Scholarships will not be awarded for ACRL-OR/WA Fall Conference attendance as this annual event has its own scholarships.

Who is eligible?

All ACRL-Oregon members in good standing.

Preference will be given to applicants who have not previously received a Professional Development Scholarship from ACRL-Oregon.

Who is not eligible?

Non ACRL-Oregon members.

How will applications be evaluated?

Please visit our FAQ page<https://docs.google.com/document/d/1d-KiJYteztkoVQD-0jvOftug_NVjqHtxJ7C6jj0tO38/edit?usp=sharing>, which contains our evaluation rubrics and answers to frequently asked questions.

How do I apply?

Apply for the scholarship using this online form<https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1ziKmxbp_77GYt8H2gpmHjdoDyXAx912RRbaxn2UUnU4/viewform>.


Applications will be accepted at three points throughout the year:

  *   March 31
  *   July 31
  *   November 30

For more information:

Contact the ACRL-OR Board President:

Uta Hussong-Christian
ACRL-OR President, 2015-2016
uta.hussong-christian at oregonstate.edu
<mailto:uta.hussong-christian at oregonstate.edu>Oregon State University

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