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This Week's Tech-Talk:  OFFICE
1. VIDEO ...More Tricks Using REPLACE
2. SPECIAL REPORT ... More Tricks Using REPLACE
3. COMMUNICATING ... Reducing Email Time

NOTE: To view the VIDEO, click here<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001xCbqnKj3Qa_kevTUyjr3fZymiXSvcCABrJWAwtsVOJs3tGzawIuY7H0bNN3EmdvLzsrQr0SuHnilVgBGH5PNNbhYVAGqH9KwFj6OqvimiaI9kUz7Eb1gxiVbOVVJZaO9JlIN7bUu7N5t6jjslBbOdkc_s5MOByAmu4pVistViSDsqwEcGqAWrmPKPtIfc0iWQHsUH9drxlUm_znSuvyaUI8MMRMWTWXe&c=ludW0mm2H4wD98kvOjyw0dDn6KgNrypKfjC-882T5f70g_7GrD-FfA==&ch=xL2dsx--bT1_tz_Y0aJERqXmga6sE4gaDO7tTiFJ5YeZ_h0_zWoOAQ==>. Enter the User Name and Password!

Tech-Talk: OFFICE - More Tricks Using REPLACE

You probably use the Find and Replace feature found in Office programs such as Word ... to make quick changes in your documents. But did you know the Replace option can do MORE for you?

[Find and Replace]We already know ... if we are updating a doc that has the year "2016" throughout, we can change it to "2017" easily. The Find and Replace feature saves us tons of time!

However, did you know that there are more cool things you can do with the Replace feature?

You can use this function in another way -- you can make formatting changes throughout your document.

For example, lets say you have the name of your organization multiple times in a document and you want to change the formatting of all of them.  You want to change plain text to Bold, Italics and color -- so that every time it is mentioned, it stands our more.
FROM:  Tech-Talk.com
TO: Tech-Talk.com

You can do this in the Find and Replace option under the Formatting section -- and do all of them at once!

True Story: One of our editors was working on a six page transcription of an audio recording of an interview. When it was completed, she wanted to clean it up a bit to make it easier for others to read and understand the main messages. The document looked pretty bland. So she wanted to...

  *   Replace speakers' names with all CAPS: example from Linda to LINDA.
  *   Plus she wanted to make the names Bold
With the formatting option in Replace she could do it in a blink of time!

Also, she thought it would look better if the first line of each person talking were indented. Guess what? The Replace will do that too!

See the before and after images below.


Transcript Before formatting

[transcript after]

Transcript After formatting changes applied

Replace "Formatting"
If you have repeated words (or phrases) in a document, and you want to change the
formatting and not have to go to each word individually, you can use Find and Replace -- but with the Formatting option. Make all of your changes at once with this technique.

How to Use this feature:

  *   In the Home tab, go to the far right in the Editing section and click on Replace.


  *   Click on the More button if the Formatting option is not showing.

  *   Type in the word or phrase that you would like to update in the Find what box.

  *   If you also want to replace the text, type the replacement words in the Replace with box.

  *   At the bottom of the window there is a Format button. Click on it and change any number of formatting options: bold, italics, font type and size, etc...

  *   To find and replace each instance of the specified formatting, click Find Next, and then click Replace. To replace all instances of the specified formatting, click
Replace All.
[Replace formatting]

[Communications]Communications:  Reducing Email Time
Take the initiative, suggest specifics.
How often do you send an email requesting a time to talk on the phone or meet face-to-face?  If you're like most, that's quite a bit.

So, how can you reduce the number of times you go back and forth until a date, time and place is settled?

Take the initiative, suggest specifics ... from the "get-go".

Instead of...

Person #1: "Can you meet next week?"

Person #2: "Sure, the calendar is pretty open."

Person #1: "What about Friday?"

Person #2:  "That will work."

Person #1:  "How about 2 pm?

Person #2:  "Can we make it 3 pm?"

Try this!

Person #1:  "Let's meet next Friday at 2 pm.  Does that work for you?"

Person #2:  "I can do Friday at 3 pm."

This technique is especially good for getting appointments with people you don't know. The easier you make it for someone to say "yes" (instead of laboring through a bunch of choices) the better chance you have of making the meeting happen.


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