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                                                             Letter to Libraries Online

A monthly newsletter from the State Library of Oregon
Volume 28, Issue 4, April 2018

Library Board News

State Library Board Meetings

We at the State Library have been experiencing recent staffing changes. The Governor's office has replaced MaryKay Dahlgreen as State Librarian with an interim State Librarian, Caren Agata. Caren joined the library as program manager for Government Information Library Services in January, 2017. Her career as a Librarian has spanned nearly thirty years as academic librarian, department head, supervisor and library director. Caren will be acting as interim State Librarian until a permanent appointment recommendation is made by the Governor's office and been approved by the Senate.

The next Board meeting is scheduled for May 8, 2018 at 9:00 am at the State Library in Salem, Oregon.

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State Library News

State Library at the OLA Conference 2018

The State Library is excited for the OLA Conference this year.

Our staff members will be speaking in several sessions, including: "Many Libraries, One Collaborative Virtual Reference Service: Finding Future Paths<https://orlib18.sched.com/event/DYfs>," "Oregon History at Your Fingertips: Highlights from Oregon Digital Collections<https://orlib18.sched.com/event/DYfn>," "OSLIS: It's Not Just for School Libraries<https://orlib18.sched.com/event/DYg0>," and "Small and Rural Libraries Creating the Future<https://orlib18.sched.com/event/DYfr>."

We will also have a booth in the Exhibits Hall. Be sure to drop by and discover the array of services and resources we offer libraries!

Register for the 2018 Oregon Reference Summit!

Registration is now open for the Oregon Reference Summit<https://answerland.org/news-events/summit/> being held Friday, June 1, 2018 at The LaSells Stewart Center at Oregon State University in Corvallis, Oregon.

This is a one-day conference with reference-focused content appropriate for all skill levels, library types, and experiences. It is an excellent opportunity to meet reference staff from around the state face-to-face and exchange ideas.

Registration is $50 and includes breakfast, lunch, and afternoon snacks<https://answerland.org/news-events/summit/menu/>. There is an opportunity to apply for a scholarship that covers the full cost of registration - learn more and apply<https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScX_SBiR9Vy1RWnCHK9oxyNKXVGAvpyPVhsP1neYJN6ACMb7Q/viewform?c=0&w=1>.

To register and view program information, please visit our website: https://answerland.org/news-events/summit/

Registration will close Friday May 4th at 5pm.

The Government Room: State Library Services for All Oregonians

Did you know that the State Library has a dedicated space available each work day from 1:00pm-4:00pm? It's located on the second floor of the building (Room 207) and comes equipped with large oak tables, open Wi-Fi, and two updated computers, along with access to some of our current periodicals and Oregon-related materials.

Here's a list of what you'll find:

*       Oregon History and Culture Collection: Books on many aspects of the Oregon story, published from 1870 to the present. Topics include history, land use, ethnic groups, even Portland food carts!
*       DVDs: Circulating copies of DVDs about Oregon, including Oregon Public Broadcasting series
*       Oregon Historical Quarterly: A complete run of the Oregon Historical Society's journal, including indexes
*       Ready Reference: Common reference books that we use here at the State Library, including the current Oregon Administrative Rules and Oregon Revised Statutes
*       Oregon Book Awards Collection:  A partial collection of nominees and winners from 1986-2013, including nonfiction, fiction, children's and young adult titles
*       New Government Publications and Images of America Book Series: includes high-interest government documents and book series with historic photos of Oregon topics and places

We welcome visits from members of the public, state agency employees, and our library colleagues from around the state.

Small and Rural Libraries Creating the Future @ OLA

Join panelists from around the state for our session on the Edge Initiative: Small and Rural Libraries Creating the Future. The session will feature three small and rural libraries that have used Edge to identify low-cost and no-cost ways to assess their community needs, improve their library's technology, establish partnerships, and plan for the future. The panelists will share how they communicated with their local leaders about how new or improved technology services and programs support their local economy, workforce, and strong communities. Thursday, April 19th, 2pm -  see you there!

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Other Library News

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The State Library provides leadership and resources to continue growing vibrant library services for Oregonians with print disabilities, the Legislature and state government, and all Oregonians through local libraries.

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Eva Luna

Operations Support Specialist

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