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Meg Buchanan buchanan at klamathcc.edu
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I was asked to summarize the responses to my request for a way to get access to a single film for an online class.  Below are the three main methods people recommended.

1)      If you own the DVD, seek permission from the copyright holder to convert the DVD contents to a format that can be uploaded to the LMS course site or Library website.

2)      If you own the DVD, evaluate your particular situation relative to the TEACH ACT<https://www.copyright.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/CR-Teach-Act.pdf> and/or fair use<https://www.lib.umn.edu/copyright/fairthoughts> to decide if you can legally convert and upload the DVD contents without explicit permission from the copyright holder.

3)      Look into the costs and other conditions for access to single titles from a streaming service, Kanopy<https://www.kanopy.com/> and Swank<https://www.swank.com/> being the services mentioned.

For my own situation, we will likely try seeking permission from the copyright holder.  If we do not get permission, or if it is expensive or if the response is delayed, we will make an appeal to our administrator to purchase access from Kanopy, which is relatively costly.  Our college is not currently in line with TEACH Act requirements and, after reading a few sources on using videos in online classes, I'm uneasy about claiming fair use.

I got several responses and appreciate everyone's willingness to share this information.  Special thanks to Linda Absher from Portland State University, Linda Crook from Lane Community College, Rachel Bridgewater from Portland Community College, and Jude Baldwin from College of the Siskiyous.


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