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Our library's use of volunteers is addressed in our City personnel policy. The main reason it's addressed there is that since we are a unionized environment, we have fairly strict rules about what tasks volunteers can and can't do. It's also important to have clarity for legal reasons about how volunteers are covered under your insurance, how volunteers can and can't be reimbursed, and things of that nature.

In addition to these personnel policies, we also have a Volunteer Manual that is essentially a procedural manual. It contains volunteer job descriptions and addresses in specificity what tasks volunteers undertake for the library, as well as policies regarding patron privacy. (We elect not to allow volunteers access to patron records, for example, for privacy reasons).


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We've used volunteers without a board approved policy for some time. I know that some public libraries have a policy and others not. What aspect of volunteers requires it to be a policy? Is it because they may interact with the public? Is it to exclude them from specific tasks? I'd appreciate hearing why this should be a policy as opposed to a procedure.

Thank you for your consideration of this topic.

Mark Rose
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