[Libs-Or] Census computer stations

Arlene Weible arlene.weible at state.or.us
Wed Feb 12 15:44:07 PST 2020

Hi Kathy:
ALA is advising libraries to use their Library Privacy Checklist for Public Access Computers and Networks<http://www.ala.org/advocacy/privacy/checklists/public-access-computer> as a guide to help configure public workstations for taking in Census information.

Also, NY State funded a Manual for Libraries, CBOs, and Community Advocates: Preparing for the First Digital Census<https://www.digitalequitylab.org/manual-for-libraries-cbos-and-community-advocates-preparing-for-the-first-digital-census/>, which does address concerns about public workstations and security.

Another option to offer folks who prefer a higher degree of confidentially is to suggest that they complete the Census form via phone. This is also a great option for folks that need language assistance, since Census Assistance Hotlines are being offered in 14 languages. Census is not yet advertising the numbers since they won't go live until March 9, but ALA's Libraries' Guide to the 2020 Census<http://www.ala.org/advocacy/sites/ala.org.advocacy/files/content/govinfo/Census%20Guide%20Update_Jan2020.pdf> has them listed on p. 17.

I'm not sure these resources directly address the concern, but perhaps have some information that may be helpful for your local decision-making.


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Yesterday at a local meeting to discuss Census logistics the our city manager said he wanted to have a computer set up in a private room because the library does not allow for enough confidentiality.

Are any libraries creating a "confidential" area for census access? And do you feel it is necessary?

Kathy Street, MLS
Library Director
Oregon Trail Library District

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