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This Week's Topic: SOCIAL MEDIA

1. ARTICLE & VIDEO ... Ways to Keep Your Facebook Account Secure
2. COMMUNICATING ... When is "Best,"best?
3. LEADERSHIP ... Make things grow

·     May 12: Create a Video from Your PowerPoint Presentation
·     May 26: Create Charts to Display Data in Excel and G-Sheets
·     June 9: Windows 10 - Customizing to Increase Your Productivity
·     June 23: Very Simple Formulas to Make Spreadsheet Calculations Easier

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SOCIAL MEDIA - Ways to Keep Your Facebook Account Secure


Recently a colleague found that her Facebook account had been compromised. The hacker changed her password ... PLUS the mobile phone number she had set up with two-step authentication (more on this below).

She couldn't get into her own account!

She kept going in circles trying to recover it. Unfortunately, after many attempts, Facebook support did not respond with any help.

In the end, she opened a new personal account, abandoning her hijacked one ... and started over from scratch. However, if she had known about, and activated, even one of the additional security measures below, she would have been able to log into her Facebook profile in a few minutes.

I would guess that this story is all too familiar. It seems that most people know someone who has been in this predicament, right?

Facebook has created multiple ways to keep your account secure… and added new options to recover a compromised account. Every person or organization who has a Facebook account needs to take action to ensure you can always get in.

If you have a Facebook profile, take 5-10 minutes to review these important settings that you can activate to protect your account and keep it secure.

3 Safety Tips for Everyday Use

[strong password]

1. Use a Strong Password
This should go without saying, but many people use the same password for many sites. Follow these easy tips<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001OSvO2u8Kw-NaJRVHKKPEHn6xjx4-99NFGpWOidogIcmpPm_50nlrJg2MHC-9Vd8fZKyhGPQNLrJNNTMf7Ub0HVTK1FTtScTtQ46HZbtT1y58aNZRzmu3vfVu19xzESY-RxXjf9giblxcCnr--Wkn_frmEhlnrIQLTq_FcSYAvURq5cwcwRgecti_nVqiJ4ysUNC3uWqbklc=&c=cUWAAGmZE7AVzUMIeeAd9h-fo9zQxa7IdSPw8pp3xT9iCiUDMwFDAA==&ch=Xu9GTj3Ilg0r9ifhw0vV48d2J_DSOCnwQlg1OgGm0cdRiMb8dJXJng==> to strengthening your password... and if you have too many to remember, think about using a password manager like LastPass.<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001OSvO2u8Kw-NaJRVHKKPEHn6xjx4-99NFGpWOidogIcmpPm_50nlrJv81fXHxP-U4pgX-ibfdc5QS0e0smtfwpjD_ZSB2fQhBhyCi0LC-YtIPLKG_V-AHtdcNAXQjwo-Ainj_i7Gdi-N2ixbHeuo65avqD7C6M0y9Wqb4v8EXmSpPJKJXpQ466YQf8P-9ffAr-SLnAhV_PXYLhiMpjVn6KetTaYFxgurf&c=cUWAAGmZE7AVzUMIeeAd9h-fo9zQxa7IdSPw8pp3xT9iCiUDMwFDAA==&ch=Xu9GTj3Ilg0r9ifhw0vV48d2J_DSOCnwQlg1OgGm0cdRiMb8dJXJng==>

[log out]

2. Log Out of Your Account
You may be the only one using your personal computer, tablet, or phone, so it's convenient to stay logged in to Facebook. But if you're using another computer, especially a public one, when you're finished, make sure to go to the upper right corner of the Facebook page to the drop-down arrow and click the Log Out option.

[fake friends]

3. Fake Friends
Don't accept friend requests from people you don't know. It may seem cool to have hundreds of friends, but hackers disguise themselves to view your timeline and send you direct messages with malicious links.

Update One (or More) of These IMPORTANT Security Settings

1. Turn On Two-Factor Authentication

This security feature adds an extra step to the login process. When turned on, if Facebook does not recognize your location or device, you are asked to enter a special code or confirm the login attempt. This additional layer of protection in the login process can halt potential hackers. It's like adding a deadbolt lock to your door – making entrance nearly impossible without a key.

To turn on or manage two-factor authentication, you can do it from your computer or mobile device.

·     On a desktop computer, from the upper right drop-down in the top right (a triangle), click on Settings and Privacy, then Settings, and choose Security and Login. Find this option on a mobile device by clicking on the three horizontal bars in the lower right corner.

·     Go to the Two-factor authentication section and click Edit next to Use two-factor authentication.

·     Choose the security method you want to add and follow the instructions to activate it.

[2-factor authentication]

2. That's Not All... You Need to Select a Backup Login Method

Additionally, choose one of these backup authentication methods as an alternate way to access your account if you don't have the correct password. For example, you may have activated the Two-Factor Authentication and chose to have a text message sent to you with a code to enter to log in. However, if you no longer have that mobile number, what do you do? There are additional methods to log into your account if your primary one is not available.

In our story of a colleague's account that was compromised, the hacker changed the mobile number in her account so she could not receive a text message with a login code. If she had any one of the backup methods below enabled, she could have logged into her account.

Three Types of Facebook Log-in Backup Methods:
In the Security and Login section of your account (steps to get there are above), in the Add a Backup Method section, click the Setup button next to one (or more) of these methods.

·     Recovery Codes - You can download a list of 8-digit numbers that Facebook provides for your specific account. You save them in a safe place so that if you ever lose access to your password you can use one of these numbers instead. This is the easiest method, but you need to be able to find where you saved these codes in the future if needed.
·     The two other options that are more advanced that may interest you are the Authentication App<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001OSvO2u8Kw-NaJRVHKKPEHn6xjx4-99NFGpWOidogIcmpPm_50nlrJg2MHC-9Vd8fS3GVxFapWOCgvyqfgpWrSPzcFqOINFZn3BwvuCWf_q69U30j4cn8pqIoSHKv8do-9lYnvbuBhtbwdELlt8A2CgJIL7-IMpcDR5bcAb3-LB5PVyDl__dOYQ==&c=cUWAAGmZE7AVzUMIeeAd9h-fo9zQxa7IdSPw8pp3xT9iCiUDMwFDAA==&ch=Xu9GTj3Ilg0r9ifhw0vV48d2J_DSOCnwQlg1OgGm0cdRiMb8dJXJng==> and Security Key<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001OSvO2u8Kw-NaJRVHKKPEHn6xjx4-99NFGpWOidogIcmpPm_50nlrJg2MHC-9Vd8f1ynB0LruY66GC8HBIMTU5DvSFcz_R1NFcqlg_A80D3BYW97xBK1JyZ8sTGKU_tyeXxATmR3XGgrFSl3wb9MNsfhf23UFqf_SVJ7TZ3O4KNM=&c=cUWAAGmZE7AVzUMIeeAd9h-fo9zQxa7IdSPw8pp3xT9iCiUDMwFDAA==&ch=Xu9GTj3Ilg0r9ifhw0vV48d2J_DSOCnwQlg1OgGm0cdRiMb8dJXJng==>.

[backup method]

3. Designate Trusted Friends

[trusted friends]

With Trusted Friends, you can choose three to five people from your friend list that can help you get back into your account if you are ever locked out. Your Trusted Friends can send you a recovery code with a special URL that you use to get back into your account.

To choose your trusted contacts:

·     Once again, go to your Security and Login Settings within your Facebook account.

·     Scroll down to the Setting Up Extra Security section. Click the Edit button next to Choose 3 to 5 friends to contact if you get locked out.

·     Click Choose friends and follow the on-screen instructions.

You can always make changes to or remove the friends you've selected. NOTE: This doesn't mean that they have access to your account, but your selected friends can securely help if you have issues accessing your Facebook profile.

[trusted friends]

4. Legacy Contact

There's one last setting to select… unfortunately, it's not something we like to think about, but it will make it easier for loved ones to handle your Facebook account if you pass away. It's called a Legacy Contact.

This is someone you choose to make decisions about your account once it is memorialized. This person can accept friend requests, pin a tribute post to the profile and change the profile picture and cover photo. Note that no one can log into a memorialized account, read your messages or remove any of your friends. Learn more about what a Legacy Contact can do here<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001OSvO2u8Kw-NaJRVHKKPEHn6xjx4-99NFGpWOidogIcmpPm_50nlrJg2MHC-9Vd8fNUbBELf6sBUMgGq4kehjpiBOx5PExUnCuP52UKV2FPCNJc3PoP_ckTXz7R1OUluNS3BDjiWpLInTK9kPBu3HAYl-0awreFtOl5YLQvLztl17Vr01l_9yOw==&c=cUWAAGmZE7AVzUMIeeAd9h-fo9zQxa7IdSPw8pp3xT9iCiUDMwFDAA==&ch=Xu9GTj3Ilg0r9ifhw0vV48d2J_DSOCnwQlg1OgGm0cdRiMb8dJXJng==>.


When is the best time to use the word "best"?

You would think that using the word "best" is a good thing, right?

It's positive for sure!

We do know, however, that when we're asking someone for what they think or recommend, we get the "best" results when we phrase it as, "What is one of the best..." because it frees up the mind to give you a good answer.

But here's a time when using the word "best" (instead of 'one of the best') is highly effective ... it's when you are searching the Internet. Whether you're looking for a good Tai Chi exercise on YouTube or a natural solution to ant bites, including the word "best" in your request will yield great results.

Best Tai Chi exercises
Best natural solution for ant bites
Best games for children ages 6 - 9


Appreciation every day ...every minute?

Who and what did you appreciate today?

Nothing specifically? Oops, try again. Here's an infallible rule of life:

What you appreciate, appreciates!

Think about it.

What you specifically show appreciation for, grows? Whether it's plants, self-esteem or people ... appreciation, appreciates.

If you're a team leader, try appreciating your group (or the individuals) more frequently, more specifically, more intentionally. See what happens.

If you're a team member, do the same. The origin of the appreciation is not what's important; it's the act itself.

You can make things grow!

[Ask a question]<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001OSvO2u8Kw-NaJRVHKKPEHn6xjx4-99NFGpWOidogIcmpPm_50nlrJn7dip-NnQMZHjpE6_us2qxjJin_GVp3L7qigN35bH2sMYSzrImNMReUFQtMvwwogVM-Q9WRIWPz680nSpqYlu4wYT45ey1JZwX9poVLQGpaWmHz1Vz8icE=&c=cUWAAGmZE7AVzUMIeeAd9h-fo9zQxa7IdSPw8pp3xT9iCiUDMwFDAA==&ch=Xu9GTj3Ilg0r9ifhw0vV48d2J_DSOCnwQlg1OgGm0cdRiMb8dJXJng==>

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