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Hi Libs-OR

I'm also going to respond directly to Lisa, but I wanted to share this broader response with all of you.  If you ever need medical reference assistance or a consultation with a medical librarian, the Oregon Health & Science University Library is here to help.  We are a specialty referral for questions raised through Answerland, but librarians or patients/consumers/family members can also ask questions of us directly via our Contact Us at https://ohsu.libanswers.com/

We are your partners in keeping Oregonians informed about health.  Thank you!
Kris Alpi
University Librarian, Oregon Health & Science University Library 
alpi at ohsu.edu

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   1. Reminder: Library Assessment Roundtable meeting will be
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   2. Two one-day cataloging classes from MCLS! (Gwen Haviland)
   3. Updates from REALM project (WEIBLE Arlene * SLO)
   4. Reference query for a medical librarian (Lisa Elliott)

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Hello all! I recently worked with a patron who was looking for resources to help with a very delicate issue. I told her I would ask the Great Brain for more ideas. If there's anyone out there in the psychiatry/family psychology/sexual health realm, would you kindly get in touch with me? Thank you!


Lisa N Elliott
Young Adult Librarian
Tigard Public Library
(503) 718-2654
lisae at tigard-or.gov<mailto:lisae at tigard-or.gov>

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