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May 25, 2021

Salem, Ore - A new partnership in Oregon and Washington is helping local libraries, museums, and cultural heritage organizations make their digital collections more accessible through a national platform.
Northwest Digital Heritage<https://www.northwestdigitalheritage.org/>, a joint effort of the State Library of Oregon, the Oregon Heritage Commission, and the Washington State Library (Office of the Washington Secretary of State) has created a new service hub of the Digital Public Library of America<https://dp.la/> (DPLA), a national discovery platform which aggregates over 40 million historical and cultural items from digital collections throughout the United States.
Northwest Digital Heritage currently features more than 85,000 digitized items from over 70 contributing institutions across Oregon and Washington, with plans to grow and expand in the coming months and years. Contributing institutions include the Oregon Historical Society, Multnomah County Library, Densho, Seattle Public Library, Spokane Public Library, and the State Library of Oregon as well as many others. Oregon and Washington collections can be viewed together here<https://dp.la/search?partner=%22Northwest%20Digital%20Heritage%22>.
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Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. visits with local faith leaders at the Vancouver Avenue First Baptist Church parsonage at 3132 N. Vancouver, Portland, OR. 1961-11-08. https://gallery.multcolib.org/node/4316.
The State Library of Oregon is very excited to partner with the Oregon Heritage Commission to provide training, tools, guidance, and technology infrastructure to Oregon communities who have cultural heritage collections to share. This partnership is the result of ongoing conversations which began during a 2015 Northwest Digital Collections Summit hosted by the State Library of Oregon and deepened by a 2018 Oregon Digital Collections Survey conducted by the Oregon Heritage Commission. The new program also takes advantage of the Washington Rural Heritage<https://washingtonruralheritage.org/> digitization program of the Washington State Library, a highly successful effort that has helped reveal and provide virtual access to a multitude of collections from diverse communities throughout Washington.
"The launch of Northwest Digital Heritage's service hub enhances the accessibility of thousands of digitized items that will be of interest to researchers, students, and the public at large," said Jennifer Patterson, State Librarian at the State Library of Oregon. "The State Library of Oregon is thrilled to be partnering with the Oregon Heritage Commission and the Washington State Library to support northwest organizations in their heritage collection digitization efforts and making these collections widely available."
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Finley, William L. (William Lovell), 1876-1953. Phoebe Katherine Finley holding avocets. Malheur Lake, Harney County, OR. 1917-07. https://digitalcollections.ohs.org/phoebe-katherine-finley-holding-avocets
Northwest Digital Heritage is funded in part by Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA) funding from the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS). The Oregon and Washington state libraries administer this federal funding to enhance library services throughout the region through grant opportunities, consulting, and the coordination of statewide resources. Additional funding for this program is provided through the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department, Oregon Heritage Commission, and the Oregon Cultural Trust.

Ross Fuqua, State Library of Oregon, (971) 375-3551, ross.fuqua at slo.oregon.gov<mailto:ross.fuqua at slo.oregon.gov>
Katie Henry, Oregon Heritage Commission, (503) 877-8834, katie.henry at oregon.gov<mailto:katie.henry at oregon.gov>
Kylee Zabel, Office of the Secretary of State, (360) 902-4140, kylee.zabel at sos.wa.gov<mailto:kylee.zabel at sos.wa.gov>

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