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>or "light lit" or "lighter lit"
T Nelson
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>>Hi Stacy! I agree that the term "Chick Lit" is limiting to the
>varied readers who enjoyed it, or would if they gave it a chance. Are
>you going to be labeling the books or just putting them into
>different sections? Maybe you can make a category up if you don't
>have to choose a specific sticker. How about "Friendship and
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>>Hi All!
>>I'm working on splitting my smallish (2000 item) YA section into
>genres, and one of the genres is, in essence "CHICK LIT."    (It's
>light, it focuses as much or more on friendship than romance, it can
>sometimes be a little bit steamy, it's often humorous.)
>>I have mixed feeling about the term--  between "it's derogatory" and
>"it is what it is"-plus there are boys who like them, and books with
>male main characters, gay or straight.
>>Any thoughts on alternative terminology for the signs?  Or a defense
>of the term "Chick lit"?  What do y'all think?
>>Thanks much!
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