[techtalk] Tech-Talk: WINDOWS – Oh No! What Did Windows Update Do to My Work?

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 This Week's Topic: WINDOWS
1. VIDEO ... Oh No! What Did Windows Update Do to My Work?
2. ARTICLE ... Oh No! What Did Windows Update Do to My Work?
3. COMMUNICATING ... Can you really write a private communication?

[Windows update]<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001gd_cLuoDMzDZu3CSLTIturxLjHO84UqSxN4WXbkn9kzCyjBqGgWJdmNoxq9VG7e_LZ9pUr00giBVAF8EqnlIoJwQzR7r62ttoOB0h--134xYGnJuxv4QMkolt5_seHwhI_aWHruvw1vb9QbyCnHe5l_5-16wXPGYcph1sXF09ZPXHydO0y1MdBIPuM2KDkrTmkl8VdS2Dhk81DNGyGoP6w==&c=c_gAMy83frQ9s89Xf6Gytmt-NEDaTprE95OQ110-u3Wv3L-4yvPPtA==&ch=n2irSOy-xxPA8SS4eBXPApFrYx4nPHpwApj8ueLvdZseX148YpX9qA==>

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WINDOWS - Oh No! What Did Windows Update Do to My Work?

[windows update]

Have you ever stepped away from your desk for a bit... maybe to eat lunch or go to a meeting ... and when you returned a Windows UPDATE has occurred?

While you were gone your computer is restarted automatically and you discover that several open, unsaved files were lost. So frustrating!

Well, although we may not like when there's an update, they are necessary for improved performance and security. But you can control when they happen so that you're not surprised.

Let's take a look at the settings options you have to manage in Windows 10 and earlier operating system versions.

Manage Updates in Windows 10

Windows 10 gives you a few choices when it comes to how updates are applied. To get to these options:

·     Click the Start  button, then select the Settings icon (looks like a gear).
·     Click on Update & Security  and select Windows Update from the left menu (it should be the default window that open.

NOTE: These options may vary depending on what version of Windows 10 you are running.

In the Windows Update settings, you can:

[Windows update]

Check for updates and choose to download and install right away.

Change your active hours. This is an effective way to control when an update occurs, so it's not during your busy work time. When you set your active hours (like from 8 am - 5 pm), updates will not run during these hours.

NOTE: Your computer has to be turned on to update during your "off" time.

[advanced options]

Advanced Options. These are important choices you can set to your preference. Toggle these choices on or off.

·     Give me updates for other Microsoft products when I update Windows. This is a good feature to enable. It ensures you download both important security patches as well as enhanced features.

·     Automatically download updates, even over metered data connections. This does not stop updates from happening, it only delays them so turn this off.

·     We'll show a reminder when we’re going to restart. Be sure to turn this setting ON. You'll see a pop-up reminder telling you that an update is going to happen and it will give you the choices to run it now or schedule for a later time.

[update notification]

·     Pause Updates. This offers a temporary delay in an update happening.

·     Choose when updates are installed. If you want updates applied as soon as they are available from Microsoft, select Semi-Annual Channel (Targeted) -- which means the update is ready for most people.

·     Or, you can wait for a later release by picking Semi-Annual Channel which means the update is now ready for widespread use in organizations. Delaying gives Microsoft the chance to work out some "bugs" that may have been found in the initial update.

Find the Windows Updates Options in Windows 8 & 7

For Windows 8:

·     Go to Start and type “Control Panel” in the search box. Select it from the list.
·     Click System and Security (or just Security)
·     Go to Windows Update from the System and Security window.
·     Click on the Change settings link on the left.
·     Review the update settings.
·     To have control of when updates occur, select Check for updates but let me choose whether to download and install them -- so that you'll get notifications about new Windows 8 updates when they are available.

[windows updates]

If you have Windows 7:

·     Go to the Start menu and type in Windows Update in the search window.
·     Select Windows Update from the list.
·     Click the Change settings link in the left
·     Review the update Settings.
·     As with Windows 8, a safe option would be to select from the drop-down list, Download updates but let me choose whether to install them.


Communication: Writing
Can you really write a private communication?

In today's world, everything has the potential for being front-page news.

That means every social media posting, conference call chat and email note are fair game for other folks seeing it. Don't mislead yourself thinking that you are having a "private" conversation.

Rule of Thumb: If the words you write (or say) were to show up on the front page of USA Today, would you feel OK about it? If not, then don't write it. Don't say it.

Once it's out there, it's out there for good and forever.

Think about this also when using everything from text messaging, selfie videos and Messenger to Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter. These are not private channels and these technology tools encourage sharing.


[Ask a question]<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001gd_cLuoDMzDZu3CSLTIturxLjHO84UqSxN4WXbkn9kzCyjBqGgWJdm1hhe2wUw8FRXQJerOvgFJ71isBFO3s9EuOW5PkK5DkNCqi1bVBZf5atO5FWh4MKlJxAYLNEO8fd60K4fygdP-lwSswMWLU6dxOuo8WPOIniPDtJgpmwqw=&c=c_gAMy83frQ9s89Xf6Gytmt-NEDaTprE95OQ110-u3Wv3L-4yvPPtA==&ch=n2irSOy-xxPA8SS4eBXPApFrYx4nPHpwApj8ueLvdZseX148YpX9qA==>

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